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Saturday, February 27, 2010

OBB Group Ride - Dumped at Dump by Cold

Felt alright this morning, didn't feel so great last night (Friday); was planning to go to the climbing gym, but my body just said 'no', so stayed at home and took it easy. I've gotten another cold of some kind, second this week..blarg! It's a relatively light one thankfully.

The ride to Mattick's and Sidney were relatively easy (broke them down, check my wattage file below) at only ~170w each. Ride through Land's End and back were a bit more work! My normalized power for 1hr was actually my threshold of 265w. 1hr TSS = 100. Ouch. (If you're not familiar, 100 is about as high as it should be able to go! 1hr at threshold is 100pts. NP will sometimes be above FTP, i hit 268w 1hr NP last weekend, TSS=102.4. AP was 233w.)

It was a pretty relaxed pace most of the way.. Pro City Jamie started to put on the heat at Daffodil Rd, with a very strong pull. We kept the pace up for quite a ways after that..doing a fair bit of a rotating paceline in our group which was actually pretty big (~14 riders). I felt decent doing that, tho i could tell i wasn't recovering properly and it felt like each effort was just compounding on the last.

The final straw was the small hill right by Hartland (the Dump), where i believe Scotty attacked! Looking at my power file, there's my 10 second peak of 717w, and i done blown up at that point... HR hit 189bpm a few seconds later, and my body essentially gave up.. I watched the pack pull away. They were actually only ~75m ahead for some time (up to the Ob), but i couldn't pick up the pace any. Barb passed by me, but i caught back up to her by the Ob hills. Pro City Tom fell back by the Dump, i dropped him pretty hard despite my fade...he was almost as far back as the group was ahead of me!

Barb and i worked together from there, i did a long pull up past the Ob well onto Interurban, Barb did a strong pull, and then Tom flew by on the dip before Camosun..jerk!! Barb and i continued to exchange pulls and we passed him by the sprint hill and i glared at him..haha.. (Turns out he just had a lot of momentum on the descent, thought we would latch on..he was going a good 10kph faster tho, hard to get on that!!)

Dave MacLeod was waiting for us by the light, and we chatted for a min (he said he was bleeding from the eyes from that effort..haha..) I wanted to keep the pace up, so pressed on towards the Goose.

Curious what happened in the sprint - if you're reading this and were there, post a report in the Comments section! =)

Jamie and OA Kev were waiting for me by the light, and caught me up...passing Interurban they busted up the pack quite a bit. Jamie and another (Raf?) were the front two, Kev and another the next pairing, and the group off behind them.. Similar to last week, they were caught by the pack at the sprint, but Kev managed a 5th with a last-second decision to sprint. Sorry i missed it!

From downtown i pretty much bee-lined it home along Richardson, save some legs and TSS for an MTB ride tomorrow. =)

Lotsa data for you numbers fans to peruse, here's the Garmin file:


If you're new to Victoria and looking for a good route, this is what i recommend. If you've done the ride, check it out, neat mapping info on there.

Turns out we gain almost 700m of elevation on the ride. Not huge, but pretty good.

Also, note that the power and cadence data there is from T.Skinner, my Garmin hijacked his data..haha.. Oddly, for the same period of riding, i got ~190w average, where he's at 230w...we were in the same group and presumably did similar amounts of work, so i have to suspect that his unit isn't zeroed. (IE, it's calibrated a bit high...in theory our output should be relatively close..that's a HUGE difference. I would expect that if he weighed 25lbs more than me or something..maybe he's been putting on that weight at the gym. ;)

Here's all my power data:


Broke down a few sections as well: the ride out to Matticks, the portion to Sidney, and then Land's End and back into town.

Enjoy! Tomorrow will be out on The Big Orange. =)

PS - if you were in the sprint, tell your story!


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    Friday, February 26, 2010

    First Ride on Big Orange

    All built up, nice day, feeling like mixing it up, so i went out for a shortish MTB ride on my new orange RIP9 MTB frame!

    Upgraded from an older version, partially for the stiffer, stronger frame. Mostly for the color! (Oak Bay Bikes had this as the centerpiece of an orange shrine for a while..haha..)

    Still gotta dial in the suspension a bit, but felt great off the start! Once i hit the trails, i could tell the rear end was different..definitely stiffer. Otherwise feels much the same...love the glow tho. =)

    Trip was pretty straight-forward, i'm calling it the Up & Down.
    Took the trails most of the way out, except for a few shortcuts to save some time. (If you're looking for a non-road way to bike to the dump, check out my Garmin map link below. It's a bit longer, but so much better.)

    Went up Meadowbrook, Executive, did Shock Treatment (it's changed a bit, and was really wet in the woods!!) Up Skull, then the Regional Trail up to the bottom of Lemmings Run, which was the highest point of my ride (239 meters up, according to Garmin!) The bombed down Who's Yer Daddy, Nightshift, Skull, and back down to Executive and out..and part road part trails to get home. Limited the climb (the trail's head is actually a bit higher) as it was getting a bit late.

    Ride to Meadowbrook was 50min, spent 40mins riding the Dump, and then another 45mins ride home. Neat to have all this data...and you can check it out yourself!

    Here's the data from my Garmin, including Power, as my MTB is wireless:


    Click around on the buttons, lotsa neat stuff. Be sure to check out the 'player'.

    And here's the power data from WKO:


    Broke down the three portions of the ride, and all the rest of the data is there as well.

    OBB ride tomorrow, looks like it'll be a wet one! Will be cool to have a map of the route tho.

    Peas out!


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      Wednesday, February 24, 2010

      Birthday Ride!

      Gotten a little behind in the updates! Trying out a slightly different format for this one.

      So today is/was my birthday! 34. Yip!

      Headed out for a ride, planning to pull off a 30min Tempo. Felt good off the start. Kept an eye on my HR, it was in a good range. I've been hit with a 'low level' cold the last few weeks...my HR would really elevate riding at my EM pace..today it was down where it should be - yay!

      Made my way out to Sidney the usual way, it was overcast with a threat of rain. Opted to ride the Ridley and take a chance..it was my birthday!!

      Started my Tempo in the usual spot, and was tearing down Lochside, and at the corner just before the MacTavish construction, this huge, oncoming water truck crosses the road and into the bike lane and just STOPS THERE!!! WTF?? I manage to stop, although i was well over 30kph...i get around it, and pick up my pace again, and then i see what this truck was doing: soaking the road. WTFx2?! The road had been dry (very slight spitting), but this goof was driving along dumping water on the road.

      I slowed down, as i don't want to get any more dirty/wet than necessary...summer bike and all. I look ahead, and there tons more water on the road. GAAH!! I'd gotten 17min into my Tempo, and was feeling GREAT. I've since checked my watts, and i had been averaging 270w. For fracks sake..

      I pulled the plug there, if i were to keep going, i didn't know how much further the road was wet, and it's pointless to have a 5min break in the middle of this type of interval. Ahh well, here's the brief summary:

      Ave Wts: 270
      Ave HR: ~170
      Ave Cad: 73
      Ave Spd: 32.1kph

      There was even a perfect headwind, so i wouldn't pick up too much speed downhill...gaah.. Not 100% on the HR, PowerTap head wasn't picking it up..

      So one new feature of my entries will be GPS data! The Garmin Edge 500 i ordered finally came in, and has some pretty sweet features! I *love* having the big Lap/Interval functions and visual. The worst thing about the PowerTap head unit is that it only displays 3 items. I typically have Watts, Speed and Time (or Cadence.) Now i have all that data right there..hehe.. Unfortunately it can't connect to my wired PowerTap unit (what i have on the road), so no power data, but just about everything else is in this file:


      If you're non-American, click on 'Metric' in the top right to make sense of it all. ;)

      Lots of neat stuff you can click around on...i love the mapping and elevation features. This will be even cooler when i get out on the MTB (esp. since it IS a wireless PowerTap.)

      Today i also did another Mt Doug effort. Last time i went up was Jan 21st, did it in 8min flat, averaged 310w. Today did it in 8:08, but only averaged 305w.. On the Garmin link above, it's Interval #7, if you want to check out the elevation data.

      So another thing i'm doing is posting ALL my wattage data, but instead of filling up my blog, i'm going to save it in Google Docs, so here's today:


      You can see the Mt Doug effort, the Tempo, the Garmin section (the same period recorded as the Garmin) and the entire ride, which has me riding to the shop, and back home from there. (I don't really feel the need to include my home address. ;)

      No major peaks, although my 1 and 2hr NP are pretty high, averaging 243w over 2hrs..that's a lot more wattage than i'm used to seeing over that period!

      The other news: i've upgraded my Niner RIP9 mtb to the orange frame i've been lusting over for months:

      Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

      It's significantly stiffer, and ORANGE!!! Hopefully will get out for a ride on Thursday...if not, Sunday. =)

      Calling it a night, g'nite world! (I'll update the rest of my last week soon!)


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        Tuesday, February 09, 2010

        "We Don't Like You Anymore."

        That's the latest from my quads...hahaha..

        Looks like i'm going to have to listen, today's training session is definitely a sign that i'm over-cooking it... But first:

        Saturday - OBB Ride

        Another lovely day, broke out the Ridley once again... It kept civil to Mattick's, and from there things picked up with a rather surge-y rotating paceline out along the farmland...not sure why people were picking it up like that...or chasing down some of the people who powered away..haha.. Ahh well.

        Got to Sidney, and another strong group left from there...kept it civil until past Land's End, then things started to get spicy as we approached the airport, and it carried through until close to W. Saanich, and then it eased up again until Interurban.

        Good fast paceline lead-up to the sprint, but as Steve D (visiting in New Zealand right now!) reminded me, i allowed myself to get boxed-in, and so the sprint was a non-feature on my part...some of the other guys were cooking tho!

        Went for the Overpass with Ryan, but a commuter just flew onto the trail without looking our way, and i had to brake to avoid a collision...ahh well! Carried through at a firm pace until Estevan where i turned off. All the gory details:

        Entire workout (195 watts):
        Duration: 3:11:15 (3:22:57)
        Work: 2212 kJ
        TSS: 264.6 (intensity factor 0.915)
        Norm Power: 243
        VI: 1.25
        Distance: 105.686 km
                   Min Max Avg
        Power: 0 1110 195 watts
        Heart Rate: 102 182 153 bpm
        Cadence: 25 126 90 rpm
        Speed: 0 67.2 33.3 kph

        Fast. Actual watts HUGE. And an NP of 243w over 3hrs...wow. The TSS reflects this. I was cooked. The peak hour was 260w NP, and 37.8kph...that's summer speeds! And a new high for TSS. Ouch.

        Sunday - Short Ride w/Climbs

        My week's TSS value was well over 600, and i was feeling fried, so i opted for a short ride. I actually haven't ridden Mt Tolmie (at least in recent memory) so opted to swing by there, and do a couple out-of-saddle climb efforts, as well as to scout it as a potential training spot.

        The south side (off Richmond) is pretty steep, about the same as Mt Doug i'd say, with a short flat section. Did it in 2'52 at 330w, 56rpm. 567m.

        North side (off Cedar Hill) is much flatter.. Did it in 2'53 at 318w, 64rpm. I got 634m on that side. I think the starting elevation is a fair bit higher there too. Will know when the Garmin Edge 500 i order comes in...will be neat to include elevation data as well!

        Getting more used to standing and climbing. From there i got up to MacKenzie, and crossed over to Caddy Bay, and rode the 'water' back, to the end and back to my place near OBB. Started cloudy, took the winter bike just in case, closed with some sun. =)

        Entire workout (206 watts):
        Duration: 1:13:31 (1:14:26)
        Work: 904 kJ
        TSS: 96.1 (intensity factor 0.888)
        Norm Power: 235
        VI: 1.14
        Distance: 33.383 km
                   Min Max Avg
        Power: 0 626 206 watts
        Heart Rate: 72 181 147 bpm
        Cadence: 32 114 86 rpm
        Speed: 3.7 65.7 27.4 kph

        In hindsight, i went harder than i should have...

        Tuesday - EM w/30min Tempo

        Monday was a full rest-day, no climbing.

        Headed out on the Ridley again (nice day - sunny but chilly), hoping to do a 45min Tempo in the same spirit as last Thursday, where i SMASHED it! 269w over 40mins, i think that's my best sustained-effort ever done. It was 4w short of my 30min PB (273w), and i held it 10min more...nice.

        So, today.. Bad omen's all the way. Legs felt like hamburger. Poor output. Heart rate was waaay too high. Met up with Kevin out on Lockside just before Maddicks, and tried to figure out what i should do.... The smart option would have been just to do a 'ride', hold my EM pace, go for ~2hrs, and then focus on my interval on Thursday.

        I decided to ignore my better advice, and began my interval on Martindale. Legs got the power up alright, and i felt okay... 10mins in, still doing okay, but legs were feeling it.

        It's funny...i *felt* like i was pushing the watts i needed to, although it was an effort. It looks like the right watts are coming up on the screen....but alas, i must only be looking when they're high..haha.. I decided to just do 30mins, and it came out like this:

        Ave Wts: 256
        Ave HR: 178
        Ave Cad: 74
        Ave Spd: 34.8kph

        Ouch. Watts were too low, and HR was insane for that effort! My 40min effort on Thursday at 269w was 177...!!

        Crap. I overcooked it.

        Lesson: figure out and use the Performance Management Chart in WKO. I know the basics, but i think it can be used to help prevent this type of meltdown... Keeping an eye on the TSB value (Training Stress Balance, or 'Freshness', good WKO jargon descriptions here.)

        I think i need to manage my training to try and keep it a bit higher.. This will prolly mean shorter Tempo intervals...but i think it stands to reason that doing 30mins at the right wattage is better than doing 45mins at 10-15w lower than i should be at...and feel better doing it all as well!

        Here's the whole ride:

        Entire workout (200 watts):
            Duration:      2:21:56 (2:23:02)
            Work:          1699 kJ
            TSS:           161.6 (intensity factor 0.828)
            Norm Power:    219
            VI:            1.1
            Distance:      71.079 km
                                Min    Max    Avg
            Power:           0    718    200     watts
            Heart Rate:      90    188    163     bpm
            Cadence:         25    118    85     rpm
            Speed:           4.1    56.9    30.1     kph

        The average HR is HUGE. Even a hard ride should be 10bpm lower.

        A'ight, that's it for now... Short climb at the gym tomorrow, and the OrganicAthlete Victoria AGM in the evening, and then for Thursday......i'll keep an eye on my TSB, if it's still pretty low, i'll just go for a ride. ;)


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          Friday, February 05, 2010

          Call My Quads "Jack Bauer"

          Call my quads "Jack Bauer", because they're gonna resist whatever torture i put them through...haha ;)

          Part two of my recent updates here. I should also highlight that i've started an email list/discussion group called Vegan Power: http://groups.google.ca/group/veganpower

          It's aimed at vegans who train with power, for inspiration and discussion, both about training with power, and vegan nutrition. It also features a spreadsheet that highlights all the power peaks of list members - we've got some really strong peeps on board, here's a direct link to the spreadsheet: http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=ptted2SfCAQ7-eg99loC-Kg

          If you're a vegan who trains with power, please join us!! Doesn't matter if you're particularly strong, or particularly weak like me - everyone is welcome, and hopefully this will help inspire you to continue progressing. =)

          Anyway, to continue with the regularly scheduled blog updates:

          Sat (Jan 30th) - OBB Ride

          It was a wet day, my Ridley streak was broken...a record of six consecutive rides!

          I sold my 170mm Campy Chorus cranks to Emile, and finally swapped my winter bike over to 165mm Red cranks (why don't Force come in 165mm..??) I have had a lot of bad experiences with FSA, so they're out of the question. Nothing wrong with Red tho. =)

          There's all the bits.....

          And the bike is ready for them.

          The new BB systems are so easy to install..love it!

          Looks great!

          Felt even better...the winter bike now feels 'right' when riding it. Why 165mm cranks you might ask? Stems from the track for me...that's the length most sprinters use, and it makes for a very smooth, efficient spin. On 175's, i feel like my legs are flailing around in circles. 170's aren't too bad, but still not 'right'. 165's also work nicely in crits, as you're much less likely to scrap the pedals in corners. And finally, they're great for your TT position, as you can get lower because your knees aren't coming up as high.

          Anyway..enough about the cranks... Wet OBB ride, the regular mashers were out:

          Just a little damp..

          Good steady pace out to Sidney, and then we carried it through Land's End and back down the peninsula. Pretty tame past the Observatory, the group kept together for the most part.

          Despite feeling good, i opted not to sprint: the chain on the winter bike felt pretty slack on the cranks..and i was worried that it might slip under power.. (I replaced the chain this week, it was quite stretched.) ProCity Tom was doing a strong pull up by Interurban Camosun, i was on his wheel...he was slowing up a bit, so i took over, and started picking up the pace. My target was the base of the final hill...blow myself up by that spot...

          I put down my head and jam it...i crest the first hill, carry the speed over and barrel down..speed is great, up over 60kph. I get close to the bottom of the hill and pull over to let the sprint go... I sit up... No one's there...??!! I wait another few seconds, bracing...finally i look back, and the rest are just starting to reach me!! WTF!!

          Turns out when i took over the front of the pack, there were a few people on my wheel that apparently just got dropped! That created a fairly significant gap that no-one wanted to close...so i just wheeled off totally solo..hahahaha!

          Lesson: look back! Had i looked back fairly on, i could have stretched out my effort, and gone for the 'long bomb'....that day i might have actually succeeded..

          Ahh well. Continued back into town. Scott challenged me for the King of the Overpass, but he was in too light a gear, and i managed to hold him off. ;) Which reminds me - the previous week Mike Elkink raced me for the KotO, and took it. That gave him 2nd in the sprint, and 1st there..hehe

          Kept the pace up back into town with Tom Skinner and Scotty, and went out to Estevan again. Here's the finer details:

          Entire workout (188 watts):
          Duration: 3:18:18 (3:26:49)
          Work: 2224 kJ
          TSS: 255.1 (intensity factor 0.88)
          Norm Power: 233
          VI: 1.24
          Distance: 104.458 km
                    Min Max Avg
          Power: 0 1195 188 watts
          Heart Rate: 93 182 153 bpm
          Cadence: 26 222 93 rpm
          Speed: 3.7 64.6 31.7 kph

          TSS a bit short from last week's OBB ride, but still a pretty fast ride considering the weather!

          Sunday - 2hr EM w/Kevin

          Was planning to MTB, but plans fell through, so hit the road instead.! Kevin and i went out to the Observatory. I was happy to get in another out-of-saddle effort up an extended climb.

          Kevin went back down for a second go on the last portion.

          The weather was pretty good...and the roads were dry..

          But i brought out the winter bike instead...i was expecting wet roads. Ahh well, i'm enjoying riding this bike much more with the shorter cranks.

          Entire workout (192 watts):
          Duration: 2:04:22 (2:35:01)
          Work: 1415 kJ
          TSS: 147.3 (intensity factor 0.847)
          Norm Power: 225
          VI: 1.17
          Distance: 58.079 km
                   Min Max Avg
          Power: 0 743 192 watts
          Heart Rate: 90 191 148 bpm
          Cadence: 52 149 95 rpm
          Speed: 3.7 63.2 28.3 kph

          And that concludes my 'easy-ish' week; back at it!

          Tuesday - EM w/35m Tempo

          Felt good, and thought i did a good job on the Tempo workout, but unfortunately the numbers weren't so good:

          Ave Wts: 257
          Ave HR: 167
          Ave Cad: 71
          Ave Spd: 33.9kph

          Only 257w!! I tried something a bit different: i braked when the speed picked up, to ensure i kept under 75rpm..

          Funnily, i don't think i can sustain power on the pedals and brake at the same time...i'd start to brake, and the power would just drop... Ahh well...

          Good effort for the ride overall tho:

          Entire workout (220 watts):
          Duration: 2:32:09 (2:36:03)
          Work: 1992 kJ
          TSS: 194.9 (intensity factor 0.88)
          Norm Power: 233
          VI: 1.06
          Distance: 79.431 km
                    Min Max Avg
          Power: 0 840 220 watts
          Heart Rate: 94 182 160 bpm
          Cadence: 27 122 86 rpm
          Speed: 4.1 59.9 31.5 kph

          Thu - EM w/40m Tempo with Chad

          Chad made it out again, and i seem to have better Tempo sessions with someone in front of me, so especially happy to have him along. He motored off to do his own effort for the 40mins, but took a while to get out of my line-of-sight, so he was a carrot in front.

          This time i didn't brake, and if my cadence got over 75rpm, so be it. I'd just maintain the intensity (trying to hold 270-280w.) And the result:

          Ave Wts: 269
          Ave HR: 177
          Ave Cad: 75
          Ave Spd: 36.4kph

          Cadence was a tad high, but the power was AMAZING. That's the most watts i've held for one 'effort', that's for sure! (I've done 'harder' workouts, holding 300w for over 30mins, but there were a few 1min rests in there too.)

          Pretty pleased with that. It was interesting to note that when my cadence got below 70rpm, my power just dropped.. As expected, lower cadences are killer for me.. I'm much better, but still not great. Also neat to note that Peak 20min was 270w, and Peak 30min was 269w, so it was pretty consistent.

          Let's hope i can keep this up for a few more weeks...i was pretty smashed after this, and it'd be nice to get a few more solid efforts like this in. Will be aiming for 45mins after this...

          Entire workout (210 watts):
          Duration: 2:43:09 (2:46:48)
          Work: 2047 kJ
          TSS: 204.9 (intensity factor 0.871)
          Norm Power: 231
          VI: 1.1
          Distance: 85.126 km
                    Min Max Avg
          Power: 0 752 210 watts
          Heart Rate: 74 182 158 bpm
          Cadence: 27 124 86 rpm
          Speed: 3.7 61.4 31.5 kph

          That's for tonight, gonna hit the hay, group ride tomorrow! Hoping the roads are dry and will get back on the Ridley. =)


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            Thursday, February 04, 2010

            Ensuring A Dry and Warm Winter

            I think i figured how to make the winter dry and warm in your area - load up on new cold weather gear, and grow a beard.

            Well, that's about all that's different this year, yet it's been remarkably dry and warm! I've taken out my new Ridley Noah a record six consecutive rides before last Saturday..and twice this week so far. Got a ton of riding in through January as well - nearly 44hrs spent on the bike! That may actually top what i was riding some months last summer...feeling really great regardless.

            Also made a new home for the Ridley, running out of potential spots to hang bikes in my pad:

            Got some catching up to do, last week was an 'easy-ish' week, just did a few 'steady' EM-paced rides with no big efforts... Let's see where we left off - this will be a two-part blog.

            Wed (Jan 20th) - Climb

            Will just do just one summary for the climbing: had a couple 'rough' weeks, didn't seem to be progressing much...hands not feeling like they're really recovering.. Keeping at it, working on easier routes and doing some laps and climb-downs to try and increase strength. Still working mainly on 10c's & d's.

            Thu - EM w/30min Tempo and Mt Doug

            Went up Mt Doug again, did it standing up the entire way...seems like it's the way to do it....i went at it pretty hard, averaged 310w and got to the top in 8min flat. Cadence was so low, ~56rpm..i think standing is required. As far as what might be my potential fastest time... I should be able to average 340w, and that ought to get me closer to the 7min timeframe, but i doubt i'll be cracking 7mins.

            Chad and i atop Mt Doug (actually that was on Tuesday, previous blog entry, d'oh!), continued out to Sidney, and did a 30min Tempo interval:

            Ave Wts: 257
            Ave HR: 169
            Ave Cad: 72
            Ave Spd: 35.5kph

            HR was quite high for that wattage...so i suspected i'm in need of some rest, which prompted my easy-ish week.

            Deets for the rest of the ride:

            Entire workout (211 watts):
            Duration: 2:29:03 (2:36:01)
            Work: 1870 kJ
            TSS: 189 (intensity factor 0.875)
            Norm Power: 232
            VI: 1.1
            Distance: 74.281 km
                     Min Max Avg
            Power: 0 951 211 watts
            Heart Rate: 74 189 158 bpm
            Cadence: 28 122 82 rpm
            Speed: 3.8 58.1 30.1 kph

            Sat - OBB Ride

            Good solid pace from Land's End to Interurban, i somehow ended up on the front of the group on the climb past the Observatory....weird being on the front, but pretty much ensures i'll be in there for the end!

            The sprint was a big group, and i was near the back in the final stretch...pulled out to move up just before the hill and then it exploded! Dan Skinner, Craig, Scotty and Mike E launch, and i'm hot on their heels, but can't make up the ground...still, 5th in that company isn't shabby.

            Been riding a bit further as well, i normally turn off at Richmond, but instead continue around the water to Estevan. If i turn off closer, it's usually around 98km. This way i'm doing over 100. ;)

            Entire workout (187 watts):
            Duration: 3:15:52 (3:37:35)
            Work: 2187 kJ
            TSS: 261.5 (intensity factor 0.898)
            Norm Power: 238
            VI: 1.27
            Pw:HR: -1.9%
            Pa:HR: 4.32%
            Distance: 105.65 km
                       Min Max Avg
            Power: 0 1221 187 watts
            Heart Rate: 78 188 151 bpm
            Cadence: 24 128 89 rpm
            Speed: 3.7 66.3 32.5 kph

            I think that's the highest TSS i've gotten for a Sat ride so far...we've really been moving. An NP of 238w over 3.25hrs is also HUGE for me. I'm feeling much stronger later on in rides, which is a big change for me. Normally i get progressively weaker and weaker through a ride...i seem to be gaining some 'depth'.

            Monday (Jan 25th) - 1hr Ride w/Chad

            Skipped riding on Sunday, pooped and rainy to boot. Talked Chad into joining me, and just did my 1hr Power Hour loop. Nothing too crazy, obviously went fairly easily, good way to start my 'easy-ish' week. ;)

            Entire workout (160 watts):
            Duration: 1:17:55 (1:22:15)
            Work: 744 kJ
            TSS: 55.4 (intensity factor 0.656)
            Norm Power: 174
            VI: 1.08
            Distance: 34.926 km
                     Min Max Avg
            Power: 0 496 160 watts
            Heart Rate: 67 152 121 bpm
            Cadence: 28 114 84 rpm
            Speed: 3.8 57.2 27.1 kph

            Max of 496w - i meant business! ;)

            We stopped at the top of King George Terrace:

            Yep, it's teh suck to be in Victoria in January.

            Tuesday - 1.5hr EM

            A weird day....it was totally dry as i was getting ready to head out. Hop on my bike, the sun is shining, and it starts to sprinkle!! Drat!

            Plan was to ride out the Goose to Lagoon Rd, and do that loop, but the further i got out of town, the wetter the trail...gah..so turned around by the hospital and took the water back in..just a steady pace.

            Entire workout (199 watts):
            Duration: 1:38:57 (1:41:48)
            Work: 1172 kJ
            TSS: 103.6 (intensity factor 0.795)
            Norm Power: 211
            VI: 1.06
            Distance: 48.392 km
                     Min Max Avg
            Power: 0 589 199 watts
            Heart Rate: 79 171 143 bpm
            Cadence: 20 126 93 rpm
            Speed: 3.7 51.4 29.5 kph

            Thursday - 2hr EM w/Kevin

            Kevin was able to make it out, and we headed out along the water, and did the Lagoon loop. It's actually pretty nice, and we're taking the new paved Goose out to Colwood. I think this'll be a fairly regular ride for me if i'm not doing any intervals...nice change of pace.

            Entire workout (197 watts):
            Duration: 2:04:47 (2:08:43)
            Work: 1465 kJ
            TSS: 133.1 (intensity factor 0.803)
            Norm Power: 213
            VI: 1.08
            Distance: 59.751 km
                          Min Max Avg
            Power: 0 890 197 watts
            Heart Rate: 74 173 146 bpm
            Cadence: 24 126 92 rpm
            Speed: 3.8 67.2 28.9 kph

            Will pick up last weekend's OBB ride in the next post. =)

            Happy February!


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