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Friday, February 26, 2010

First Ride on Big Orange

All built up, nice day, feeling like mixing it up, so i went out for a shortish MTB ride on my new orange RIP9 MTB frame!

Upgraded from an older version, partially for the stiffer, stronger frame. Mostly for the color! (Oak Bay Bikes had this as the centerpiece of an orange shrine for a while..haha..)

Still gotta dial in the suspension a bit, but felt great off the start! Once i hit the trails, i could tell the rear end was different..definitely stiffer. Otherwise feels much the same...love the glow tho. =)

Trip was pretty straight-forward, i'm calling it the Up & Down.
Took the trails most of the way out, except for a few shortcuts to save some time. (If you're looking for a non-road way to bike to the dump, check out my Garmin map link below. It's a bit longer, but so much better.)

Went up Meadowbrook, Executive, did Shock Treatment (it's changed a bit, and was really wet in the woods!!) Up Skull, then the Regional Trail up to the bottom of Lemmings Run, which was the highest point of my ride (239 meters up, according to Garmin!) The bombed down Who's Yer Daddy, Nightshift, Skull, and back down to Executive and out..and part road part trails to get home. Limited the climb (the trail's head is actually a bit higher) as it was getting a bit late.

Ride to Meadowbrook was 50min, spent 40mins riding the Dump, and then another 45mins ride home. Neat to have all this data...and you can check it out yourself!

Here's the data from my Garmin, including Power, as my MTB is wireless:


Click around on the buttons, lotsa neat stuff. Be sure to check out the 'player'.

And here's the power data from WKO:


Broke down the three portions of the ride, and all the rest of the data is there as well.

OBB ride tomorrow, looks like it'll be a wet one! Will be cool to have a map of the route tho.

Peas out!


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