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Monday, January 22, 2007

Two Years!

Hey all - just a quick note to celebrate the second anniversary of my blog! Can you believe i've been updating this thing for two years now? 123 postings in that time too (no joke!) It's kind of fun going back and reading some original postings..

Got in a few more solid weeks of MT workouts, took a break the last week, and back at it for my final session before i starting progressing along my training schedule. I'm happy to say there's been some fairly significant growth in the legs, so hopefully this all amounts to some more speed in the spring and summer!

Weather is starting to mellow out again (for now) - still rainy, but at least it's getting close to 10C.

The OA Victoria chapter is still rolling, found a few more people who are interested, tabling at the Health Show here on the weekend. (Which is why i didn't get out for any rides!)

Latest issue of The Victoria Vegan was also posted, check it if you haven't!

Some other quick points of interest:
  • I dunno if i've mentioned this, but i've started taking cordyceps, which is a mushroom supplement, that's supposed to really boost energy levels and the immune system. Lance, apparently, ate bucketfuls of this stuff, and perhaps that's why it comes as no surprise the new supplement being promoted by Team Discovery Channel contains them....anyway, there's an article and discussion here: Cordyceps: veganfitness.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=122316
  • Interesting 'debate' between two scientists on protein, one is in favor of minimizing intake (yay) and the other maintains more 'conventional' opinions...not surprisingly, i find his responses to be rather shallow and sidestep a lot of the issues Phillips brings up...supporting the idea that we most certainly do not need to eat high amounts of protein: t-nation.com/findArticle.do?article=05-068-diet
  • It's a sad state of affairs in the Victoria cycling community...with a few locals speaking out AGAINST the inclusion of the track in the Victoria Cycling League (despite it having been present for as long as i've known...) Very depressing that i have to make the case to keep it in: roadie.ca/forums/viewtopic.php?p=505
  • Final note: Clif is now making a delicious-sounding blueberry bar - any of you Yankies wanna send me a few to try out? =)
That's all the excitement on this end, i'll report back on my never-ending MT workouts soon! ;)


Friday, January 05, 2007

I Have Been Pedaling Watts!

Happy new years, sports fans! =)

Hope you all got out as much as me over the holidays! I was getting out 5-6 days a week, which was pretty sweet, nice to get out with friends this much. Lotsa longer rides, 3-4+hrs.

Also entered in the annual Boxing Day TT out on Happy Valley Road, final race of 2006! I was in 1st place for all of about 20 seconds, until a couple other riders rolled in behind me..i got a 23:39, taking 30 seconds off my time from last year tho, which was nice. By the end tho, i finished 4th (or 5th if you count the tandem, sneaky Pat needs help! ;) Steve Baird was on fire, posting a 19:27, and Stephen Price demonstrated his fine form with a 21:22. Full results posted here, and for the geeks out there, here's the PowerTap TT file for me. (Just a big GIF image.)

Of course, it's far from being a remarkable performance! However, getting this feedback is pretty handy. For example, i hit 833 watts at the start, but why would i need to do that when my average is only 270w? So my start was too hard, and you can also see that i went out too hard, noting that the power line (yellow) keeps dipping lower and lower to the end...if i rode a bit easier at the beginning, i'd prolly be able to sustain more towards the end.. My HR and cadence remained pretty steady tho, it's not like i was slacking! I'm definitely looking forward to more of these in the summer, and it's been helpful for my continued MuscleTension workouts!

On that front, i'll be continuing them next week, then take a week or two off, and do another intense 3wk session, then roll out into Tempo riding, continuing the muscle-building. It's actually been working, my legs are definitely bigger.

The OrganicAthlete / veggie sports meeting went well! A few people i know who couldn't make it, but the peeps that came out were totally keen, and it's looking like we'll be starting an OA chapter here in Victoria - yay! Expect to see more green on the streets in the upcoming months! Now if i can only get them on the track too..hehehe.. Let me know if you'd be interested in joining! We've got runners, triatletes and bike racers, and will be organizing training runs/rides, as well as continued discussion about nutrition, etc..

There's some WICKED racing going on over in Burnaby, lots of uber-speedy elite riders tearing up the track...i originally planned to go, but in the last couple weeks, i've had absolutely no speed in my legs...and no desire to pick up the intensity, so i decided to go along with that and pass on this. Unfortunately, i think that means no more track events until we start here in April. Anyway, check out the action on the amazing new Canadian cycling website, Roadie.ca. I've been posting in the Forum there as well. =)

On a fun note, check out this vid of this fellow doing some wicked 1-legged roller riding: http://teamchainreaction.com/video/hungerford/

I think i'll have to work a bit in order to do that..haha..

That's about it for now, stay warm and dry!!


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