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Thursday, January 10, 2008

CyclingNews Road Rider Awards: 2006 vs 2007

I usually don't discuss cycling politics too much, but today CyclingNews released their 2007 Male Pro Road rider of the year results (as voted by readers), and it's a stark difference from 2006.

2006: http://www.cyclingnews.com/features/2006/awards06/?id=road_male

2007: http://www.cyclingnews.com/features/2007/awards07/?id=road_male

It's pretty dismal. The top ten of 2006 is basically a who's-who of dopers. Surreal to see all those famous names gone.

Of the carry-overs into 2007, Fabian Cancellara placed highest in 2006 at 9th, and finished 2nd this year. Only Leipheimer and O'Grady carried over to 2007 (from the bottom of the 2006 list), the rest are 'new' on the list (congrats to Cadel Evans for making the #1 spot.)

It's interesting that cycling is where the doping focus is, in professional sports. I'm not sure why that is, i can only imagine how much worse it is in football, baseball and hockey.

In a way, i'm glad that 'my' sport is getting cleaned up at least. There'll still be problems, of course, but it's becoming clear that riding clean is the way to go in cycling now. That's a lot more than we can say about other sports.

Noisy out. ;)


Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Winter Updates

Hey there sports fans, it's been a bit slow on the posting front, but i'm alive and well!

After the last BC Cup, i took a few weeks off the bike (pretty much completely, and a nightmare 'adventure' to Oakland, CA), then started to get back into training mode. Come December, i'm back to doing my Muscle Tension intervals (50rpm, uphill, started with 5x5min, work up every session.) Marty's been joining me, as did Kevin until he grew up and got a job. ;)

We got in a couple weeks before xmas, then took a week and a half off, and are back at it for another three weeks, Thursday we'll be doing 6x8mins repeats. Really starting to feel it in my legs, which appear to be putting on some mass again...!

The long-term forecast will be to switch over to CTS Tempo intervals (30+ mins riding 70rpm) to further build muscle strength and endurance. Then, in late Feb is the OrganicAthlete training camp in California, and a bunch of us will be heading down -- ROAD TRIP!

I've also been back to the gym, mainly working out my upper-body to balance things out a wee bit. Mainly focusing on core, chest and back. I'm surprised at how quickly strength returns, i'm practically back where i left off last year.. Also throwing in the occasion high-rep squat session. That does something awful to the legs..tho the next day, when i'm on the bike, it seemed like it really only 'hits' muscles i use while out of the saddle sprinting, so i have to question how useful squats are for me, at the moment...they don't seem specific enough...but i don't know, i'm certainly no expert!

I've also been doing weekly climbing sessions at the local gym, Crag X. We've got a little OA crew that's turning up (Ian, Tashie and Marty), more photos here.

From 2007-12-19 - ...

Last week did a marathon 2.5hr session with my main climbing mate Ian, tried the 5.9 overhang, but only made it 2/3rds of the way up, my grip just isn't up to the job yet.... Still, did a bunch of straight-up 5.9's and 5.8's with relative ease. I'm liking the climbing. Ian did a great job battling up a 10a overhang..holy crap it looked tough!

Other than that, not too much exciting going on. I've been experimenting with a 'low protein diet', literally trying to cut out bigger sources of protein, and sticking to my whole foods diet, and it's been going remarkably well! I've been reading up on the issue, and i'm pretty confident that we need very little protein. Certainly not more than 1g/kg, and likely half that. I'm writing an article on it, and will post it in detail when published.

On the supplements front, i've switched things up a bit. I'm totally off Vega now -- i just don't need the protein!! I'm using two of the main ingredients independently however: maca and chlorella. I'm also still taking cordyceps and have added in Siberian ginseng. I'm feeling this to be a good mix, i've been on these for perhaps three months now.

Got some more pics to post, one set from a hike, and another Ride Cam. I've also picked up a new camera, an Olympus Stylus 790SW. It's a small unit, 7.1 mega-pixels, and is shock and waterproof, which is perfect for toting in my jersey pocket. Don't have to worry about all the sweat ruining it. (YUM!) I've also been quite happy with the photographs it's been taking, and remarkably long battery life. Oh, and it comes in orange..haha!

Anyway, here are the two full galleries, and some selections. Stay dry!



From 2007-12-15 - ...
Marty and Dana on a hike at Goldstream.

From 2007-12-15 - ...
Love the macro shots of mushrooms..my favorite 'subject'..hehe

From 2007-12-15 - ...
Pretty moss on a tree.

From 2007-12-15 - ...
A very soaked Dave Noisy.

From 2008-01-04 - ...
I don't think it's been quite as rainy as last year, thank goodness, but most days have to
bring along the rain jacket.. This is out on an OBB group ride.

From 2008-01-04 - ...
Robert Cheeke of Vegan Body Building was in town visiting (along
with Jessi!) and the OA crew met up with them, here's Rob, Tashie and Marty.

From 2008-01-04 - ...
Akk...it burns....

From 2008-01-04 - ...
We've also been holding Victoria's Vegan Poker Championships, fun times!

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