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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cyclocross Racing!

Hey everyone, it's been a while since i've updated, but lots has been going on, mainly, it's 'Cross Season! And that means more suffering for me. I feel like where i was 3yrs ago when i started track racing... All the guys i have no prob keeping up with on the track are booting me in the hiney on the 'cross scene, pretty funny.

You see, i'm a very conditioned athlete - i do high cadence and low-torque very well. Put me in a situation after doing that for 8 months where it's the opposite - low cadence and high-torque, stop-and-go, and you've got a world of hurt for The Shish. But ahh well, it's all for fun!!

From 07-10-07 - Tu...
The ultimate worst for me are long stairs or run-ups...i practically come to a standstill on those areas. Otherwise, i'm fairly well skilled, my barrier-hopping is pretty solid, as are mounts and dismounts. The other tough area is cornering on grass, but i think the used tires i bought are too worn, and so we'll see how this changes when the Block 8's i ordered arrive.......

I'm LOVING my Salsa Chili Con Crosso. It rides like a dream, super comfortable, looks awesome and fits me great. I can hardly wait to take off the 'cross tires and winterize it, and await the rain....this will be excellent motivation for the crappy days. After a month and a half riding it, it was nice to hop back on the Argon18 too tho...i'm liking my bikes. =)

From 07-10-14 - Cr...
Below are my latest race reports, and i'm also excited to have finally met Christine 'Peanut' Vardaros in person, after a million years of emailing! This was at the San Francisco Vegetarian Festival, and she at Art Eggersten shared an excellent presentation.

Art is brilliant, he's a coach of professional and olympic-level athletes and specializes in whole-foods vegan nutrition, and is one of the few people you'll encounter who will tell you that most people are getting WAY too much protein. He advocates something like 0.384 grams per kg of lean body mass per day. That puts me under 30 grams a day - i'm trying it out, and so far so good the last few weeks. Art's food blog is here.

The gist of this is that most people are suffering from acidosis, their body remains in an acidic state, which inhibits recovery and leads to long-term problems like osteoporosis. By focusing on whole foods (ie, raw or steamed veggies, fruits, grains) this state is avoided almost completely, allowing for much faster recovery, and a much higher density of nutrition than processed foods can offer. I've been leaning this way, and am finding it to be favorable. I feel *much* better after a hard training ride after eating a bunch of greens and some grains, than if i were to eat something more traditional like pasta. It's really noticeable. His ProBar is also pretty damn tasty, not available in Canada unfortunately!!

Here's Christine and i from the SF Veg Vest, Blue Steel!! Follow along in her blog as this vegan is tearing it up at the World Cup cyclocross series.

From 07-10-03 - Ri...
Race reports:

Oct 8 - Turkey Cross, Victoria

Awesome course, i felt totally at home, as 333m of each course was around my turf, the velodrome! The rest of the course wove around the Juan de Fuca center, including over the BMX course. Go motto or go home!

I've been stricken with a lingering cold since SF (too many planes and people!), and so wasn't on my best game, but got a good start position, and stuck with the front group for the first lap, then faded in the following laps, finishing ~16th (out of around 25 starts in Intermediate.) Worst part for me was the run-up, best part were the long and flat sections, like the velodrome. =)

I was given'er tho, my average HR over nearly 50mins was 186bpm. Zoiks Scooby! I wonder if maybe i'm going *too* hard, and if i backed off a bit if i'd do better...?

Full gallery of shots here, select shots below.

From 07-10-07 - Tu...

From 07-10-07 - Tu...

From 07-10-07 - Tu...

From 07-10-07 - Tu...
Oct 14 - Cross in the Valley, Duncan

I wasn't quite as fond of this course, tho there were a few really neat elements, like a huge mud pit, and a sand pit you'd hit 90 degrees off a big fast straight-away which i thought i'd die in each lap! The big sandy run-across was a nightmare, filling cleats with sand, and all the grassy corner wreaked havoc on me.. Once more finished 16th with ~23 starters in the Intermediate category.

More select photos, full gallery here.

From 07-10-14 - Cr...

From 07-10-14 - Cr...

From 07-10-14 - Cr...

From 07-10-14 - Cr...
There's also been an underground Wed series, which has been a hoot, thanks to the peeps for organizing these, much appreciated!! There were pretty big turnouts, upwards of 40 i'd say.

Two more ridecams have been posted, shots as i'm out and about, including a bunch from SF, and the Wed 'cross races.
I'm also happy to announce that OA Victoria has expanded, and i've got two teammates for the 2008 season on the road, track and 'cross, my pals Emile and Marty! Look out, as we'll be tearing up the track scene. =)

From 07-10-07 - Tu...
Lots more pics of them in the galleries as well. I'm excited to have teammates, after racing solo for more than 2yrs! OA Vic is expanding as well, we're up to 15 members, most are triathletes, but some are getting lured to the road and track as well. ;)

Two races remain this year, the 3rd 'Cross on the Rocks event in Nanaimo on Nov 4th, and the fifth and final Track BC Cup in Burnaby on the Nov 11th weekend, where i'll be defending my 2nd place standing in the series. Matt Chater should be declared the champ, no way anyone is going to catch him, fantastic racing buddy!!

After that, i finally get to rest for a bit...phew!!

Noisy out!

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