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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Watching Cyclocross, Belgium and World Cup Races!

I've been enjoying watching the amazing cyclocross coverage of various Belgium and World Cup races all fall/winter - have you? If not, here's how!

Generally, Cyclocrosschannel on YouTube has been uploading the races (the last two laps), and the Belgians have AWESOME coverage.

The other easy option is to just search for "cyclocross <>", location of course being where the race was (i check Cyclingnews to see what the last few events were), and then on the right 'Sort By Date', otherwise you might get events from other years, etc..

Below are the last three events from Belgium, they get increasingly exciting, with a fantastic finish in the 3rd race in Baal, check it:

Enjoy! (PS - be sure to watch Full Screen!)

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