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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

2nd Place Overall in 2007 Track BC Cup!

Zoiks Scooby, it's been a while again since this has been updated!


'Cross ended for me on Nov 4th, in Nanaimo, which had yet another technically demanding course...i'd really like to try a 'fast' course some time. ;)

Once again, i finished 16th. That makes 16th in 3 of 3 'cross races..hahaha! I felt good the first three or four laps, then faded as usual... Roland and Marty got around me then, and finished a couple places ahead of me (great racing guys!)

And that officially ended my 'cross season, and i've installed fenders on the Salsa, and am ready for the rain!!

Final BC Cup Event (Nov 9-11)

It was a long time waiting, but this was the conclusion of my racing season...i had no idea what was in my legs, since i hadn't raced on the track for two months, but in the weeks leading up Marty and i had some excellent training sessions, and my PowerTap told me that my sprint was just as strong as it had been in the summer....so there was 'something'.

The competition for the event was STRONG, which left me, frankly speaking, scared. Heavyweights like Kenny Williams and Kirk O'Bee, as well as Daniel Harm and the regular cast of Burnaby speedsters like Matt Chater, Chris Reid, Jon Gormic and Jeff Ain meant that there'd be a relentless barrage of attacks...and there were.

I can't recount details from too many events this far after the racing, but i do recall the Tempo race averaging ~56kph for the first 5mins. Completely insane speeds. I think i was lapped twice that race (along with most of the pack), tho most of the time i hung in with the bunch, while Williams, O'Bee and company rode circles around us. It was amazing to ride with these guys (and hang in for the most part!) Kenny was quite nice, and gave me some compliments, which was pretty darn cool.

In the end, i managed to stay close enough (or ahead of) both Chris and Julian, and held onto my 2nd overall position in the Track BC Cup - yay me! Big up to Matt Chater, who rode strong as ever, especially in the sprints. All the best with the Omnium focus, i think you'll find much success there, being so strong in all those areas. I'll be sticking to your wheel in these events. ;)

Marty was out as well, racing in the B category, and in the Madison(less) section, took the overall victory! Nicely done!

We also got 5th as Team Green Bean in the Team Sprint, inviting Burnaby vegan rider Brandon Edwards to join us, and gave it a good spin. Thanks to all the folks in Burnaby for organizing another excellent event. =)

2007 Conclusion

It was a fun and very successful race season for me, i'm very happy with how i rode, and where i got to. Biggest improvements were in my bunch racing, where i've learned to ride smarter, as well as be willing to take chances and attack, etc.. In the local weekly league, i finished 2nd (congrats Cooper for beating me!), although my goal wasn't to win, but to practice strategies and attacking, etc.. I think i learned a lot, and it all was a big boost to my confidence.

My pursuiting also improved significantly, taking over 10 seconds off my local PB from last year, riding a 5'26 at Provincials (i think i could have ridden a 5'23 had my start been a bit more smart..) I don't see why i can't get that under 5'20 for 2008.

TT riding was a bit of a write-off, not even matching my best time from last year, tho i think i was cursed with very little traffic and cold nights on all my attempts. ;)

'Cross was a hoot, and i'm looking forward to finishing closer to 12th each event next year...haha

The Future

I've taken a couple weeks off since Burnaby (including some time in San Francisco, the hills near Oakland were quite nice to ride, it was great to ride with OA teammate Emily Thurston as well, thanks for the loaner!), and am itching to get back into the swing of things. I'll prolly ride not-too-hard over the next week or two, and then it'll be back to the hills, and lots of muscle-tension repeats, in an effort to create even stronger legs for 2008.. I'm going to focus less on the Pursuit, and a bit more on sprints, to become an even strong Points/bunch racer. I think this year i proved to myself that my strengths aren't quite so much in my aerobic efforts, so much as anaerobic/recovery, and will push these areas even more... I'd like to get a bit stronger as well, and get my 200m down under 12'5... I think it's totally do-able (i'm already capable of sub 13's), so mainly just gotta do it. ;)

Will compose a more formal list of goals for 2008, but that's pretty good for now!

Eat your veggies!

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