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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

It's Been a Minute, Can't Believe it's 2021!

Hey everyone!

Time for a quick update, still riding tons (here on Strava), eating lots of vegan food (if you're looking for tips on going vegan, check out www.VeganStart.org!), and have four amazing little fuzzball rescues, Ashlin the Roborovski dwarf hamster, Juno the Syrian hamster, and Luna and Cozmo the guinea pigs:

Ashlin, Juno, Luna and Cozmo.

Look at their little faces!! Ashlin has a Strava account too, if you'd like the tiniest (and cutest) running on Strava in your feed. (Her wheel is set up with a bike computer!)

I've also embarked in a new direction, starting my own bike coaching! It's called About The Ride, and I'm looking forward to helping out riders, new and experienced, get the most out of their time on the bike! I do custom monthly coaching plans, or am happy to consult on a number of training and vegan issues. I'm also writing informative (and fun!) blog posts, and will be organizing clinics, and have some other fun ideas in the works. Head over to www.AboutTheRide.ca for more info!

Thanks for popping by, hopefully will update you again before 2026! 🤣

- Dave


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