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Saturday, February 27, 2010

OBB Group Ride - Dumped at Dump by Cold

Felt alright this morning, didn't feel so great last night (Friday); was planning to go to the climbing gym, but my body just said 'no', so stayed at home and took it easy. I've gotten another cold of some kind, second this week..blarg! It's a relatively light one thankfully.

The ride to Mattick's and Sidney were relatively easy (broke them down, check my wattage file below) at only ~170w each. Ride through Land's End and back were a bit more work! My normalized power for 1hr was actually my threshold of 265w. 1hr TSS = 100. Ouch. (If you're not familiar, 100 is about as high as it should be able to go! 1hr at threshold is 100pts. NP will sometimes be above FTP, i hit 268w 1hr NP last weekend, TSS=102.4. AP was 233w.)

It was a pretty relaxed pace most of the way.. Pro City Jamie started to put on the heat at Daffodil Rd, with a very strong pull. We kept the pace up for quite a ways after that..doing a fair bit of a rotating paceline in our group which was actually pretty big (~14 riders). I felt decent doing that, tho i could tell i wasn't recovering properly and it felt like each effort was just compounding on the last.

The final straw was the small hill right by Hartland (the Dump), where i believe Scotty attacked! Looking at my power file, there's my 10 second peak of 717w, and i done blown up at that point... HR hit 189bpm a few seconds later, and my body essentially gave up.. I watched the pack pull away. They were actually only ~75m ahead for some time (up to the Ob), but i couldn't pick up the pace any. Barb passed by me, but i caught back up to her by the Ob hills. Pro City Tom fell back by the Dump, i dropped him pretty hard despite my fade...he was almost as far back as the group was ahead of me!

Barb and i worked together from there, i did a long pull up past the Ob well onto Interurban, Barb did a strong pull, and then Tom flew by on the dip before Camosun..jerk!! Barb and i continued to exchange pulls and we passed him by the sprint hill and i glared at him..haha.. (Turns out he just had a lot of momentum on the descent, thought we would latch on..he was going a good 10kph faster tho, hard to get on that!!)

Dave MacLeod was waiting for us by the light, and we chatted for a min (he said he was bleeding from the eyes from that effort..haha..) I wanted to keep the pace up, so pressed on towards the Goose.

Curious what happened in the sprint - if you're reading this and were there, post a report in the Comments section! =)

Jamie and OA Kev were waiting for me by the light, and caught me up...passing Interurban they busted up the pack quite a bit. Jamie and another (Raf?) were the front two, Kev and another the next pairing, and the group off behind them.. Similar to last week, they were caught by the pack at the sprint, but Kev managed a 5th with a last-second decision to sprint. Sorry i missed it!

From downtown i pretty much bee-lined it home along Richardson, save some legs and TSS for an MTB ride tomorrow. =)

Lotsa data for you numbers fans to peruse, here's the Garmin file:


If you're new to Victoria and looking for a good route, this is what i recommend. If you've done the ride, check it out, neat mapping info on there.

Turns out we gain almost 700m of elevation on the ride. Not huge, but pretty good.

Also, note that the power and cadence data there is from T.Skinner, my Garmin hijacked his data..haha.. Oddly, for the same period of riding, i got ~190w average, where he's at 230w...we were in the same group and presumably did similar amounts of work, so i have to suspect that his unit isn't zeroed. (IE, it's calibrated a bit high...in theory our output should be relatively close..that's a HUGE difference. I would expect that if he weighed 25lbs more than me or something..maybe he's been putting on that weight at the gym. ;)

Here's all my power data:


Broke down a few sections as well: the ride out to Matticks, the portion to Sidney, and then Land's End and back into town.

Enjoy! Tomorrow will be out on The Big Orange. =)

PS - if you were in the sprint, tell your story!


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    At Saturday, February 27, 2010 11:26:00 PM, Blogger Kevin said...

    Sorry for my lack of a rear fender flap this morning. I was late getting out the door and noticed my rear flappy was gone. Oh well. Next week the fenders will be fully operational...hopefully won't need em though!

    I'm wondering who led the charge in the main pack as well. I thought we had made it clear. Raf jumped to take the W but I was on his wheel and tried to come around. Couldn't quite make it when a bunch of guys stormed by on the far left. Looked like 5th, might not have been. No official photo confirmation unfortunately. They had to slash the budget for the World Champs this year.

    If anyone ever wants to continue onto Dallas rd and beyond I'll be riding for another hour to get in 4 hours unless I'm fried, dropped early, or soaking wet.

    Dave- FYI there is a limit of 3 new bicycles per year per person...that means only one more this year okay. I hear it's strongly enforced. Luckily for you...they don't put a limit on powertaps, gps devices, or fancy wheelsets.

    At Tuesday, March 02, 2010 9:15:00 PM, Blogger Dave Shishkoff said...

    haha - yeah, the budget cuts have left us with little more than an orange line on the road! =P

    Logging some more miles, eh? Depends on what i've got lined up for the Sunday. I'd like to do Shawnigan some time soon.

    No worries on a new bike this year, i'm maxed out!!


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