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Monday, April 25, 2005

Would You Like Ketchup On Your Blogger? -- Log

Alright, been mighty busy! I'll post separately about my TC10K run experience, but here's what i've been up to the last couple weeks:

Apr 10 - 18th:

Nothing too crazy, did the Burnside ride on Sunday, rode w/Andy Monday for 2hrs, plus Sprint Night at the track, got my fastest time of the year of 14.2 on the 200m...didn't have a lot of 'kick'.

Tuesday went to the gym, 30min run on Thu, plus raced Thu evening - got creamed in the Chariot race, felt great in the Miss'n'Out, tho ended up 8th (boxed in), got dumped in the Keirin, and held onto 5th for the Scratch. Running is not good for riding...legs weren't too lively.

Sat went for a ride with Sarah, meant to run Sunday, took it off..went Monday, 45mins run. First time knee ached a bit...prolly since i haven't been running much. (Not good since the race is less than two weeks away..)

Monday was also Pursuit Night at the track, everyone did either a 2 or 3k ride. Kevin and i went last...legs were frozen tubs of slag by the time i got on the bike, posted a 4'44" on the 3K. Ouch. Kevin was very fast tho, posted the second fastest of the night. He is among those to be feared. ;)

Apr 19th-24th

Tuesday did a 3hr solo ride, EM-pace. Also went to the gym in the evening. Wed did an hr run w/Heather, knee felt fine. Thu was Race Night at the Track - i was a pancake on two wheels. Got lapped in the Scratch and Points races. Lesson: running is BAD for cycling!! I managed to hold on for the final Snowball race to tweak into fifth...since several others dropped out. Just what my ego needed. =)

That Thu was the first 'Mystery Night' at the track, and the Scratch was an 'unknown distance', and the Points laps were unknown too. I think it was quite popular. Same with the Pursuit Night - first time i think we've ever had a dedicated night to pursuits, and i think people were happy to have that opportunity....even if they froze their hiney's off waiting. (I'm the newly elected 'Race Director' for the track, for those who don't know....and so i get to plan out what we'll be doing each week. You can find a PDF of the schedule here. This is why i'm concerned about the experiences of the riders. =)

In the Points League, i'm currently standing in 5th position overall...with 4th only one point away...oooh..sooo close.. Matt is dominating tho, more than twice as many points as me. Eeep!

Friday was another light run, Saturday was a rest day, and Sunday was the TC 10K. More on that soon!

This week will probably look like this:
Mon: Sprints at the track, hopefully not too tired to post a decent 200m and Kilo time!
Tue: 2-3hr ride w/Andy, gym in evening
Wed: hour run w/Heather (then watch The Incredibles! Yay!)
Thu: Race Night @ Track
Fri: 2-3hr ride solo or w/Andy, plus Track in the evening
Sat: ride w/locals
Sun: not sure..mebbe ride w/Burnside
Fun fun..starting to piece my schedule around the track now..and running is over thank cod.


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