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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Article on Organic Athlete! -- General

Hello racing fans! I've not updated the blog for the last while because of some weird FTP problem on Blogger's end...it's been resolved, and i've got a little catching-up to do. =)

Here's a neat article i came across, nice to see a few more vegans out there on two wheels:

Group promoting vegan lifestyle

Special to the Herald

Cyclists, like other endurance athletes, need a substantial amount of calories before, during and after training and races. As such, plenty of manufacturers of plenty of products -- energy bars to recovery fluid drinks -- are touting their wares at the Sea Otter Classic.

But perhaps the most unique of the estimated 250 vendors on the infield of the Laguna Seca Raceway is not a particular athletes' product, but an athletes' diet lifestyle.

OrganicAthlete, based in Sebastopol, promotes a vegan lifestyle, the diet void of animal products.

Two cyclists competing this week are among the organization's corps of professional athletes.

Christine Vardaros of Mill Valley, a 2003 member of the U.S. National cyclo cross team, competes for Velo Bella, based in Santa Cruz.

Professional mountain biker Jason Sager of Austin, Texas, is also part of the vegan organization.

"I am not a physiologist, but I feel this is a very healthy way to live," said Vardaros. "I rarely get sick, my bones are good, I build muscle easily, and I recover quickly from hard training and eating.

"I don't feel that comfortable being a proselytizer, but I can certainly recommend it. The foods are much easier on my body, they're more easily digestible, there's fewer toxins, just as few examples of the benefits."

Kristin Armstrong, Meet Lance Armstrong|

Since she began to gain national exposure three years ago, Kristin Armstrong, professional cyclist, has often been mistaken for Kristin Armstrong, ex-wife of Lance Armstrong, the six-time Tour de France winner.

But until last week, the two cycling Armstrongs had never met. The Tour de France winner surprisingly showed and competed in the Lemire Memorial Grand Prix in Ojai.

Kristin Armstrong, the 2004 Olympian, also competed and then maneuvered her way through a large crowd and introduced herself to the other Armstrong.

"I said, 'Hey, Lance, it's Kristin,'" explained Armstrong, following her second place Friday in the women's circuit race. "He finally looked over and said, 'Oh, I've heard a lot about you,' and I said, And I've heard a lot about you."

The two Armstrongs laughed, and Lance Armstrong, pro cyclist, signed a poster for Kristin Armstrong, pro cyclist.

Doctor, Computer Tech, Beer Rep|

Tina Pic will be 39 years old next month, but the overall women's road race leader has no idea what career she'll pursue when her cycling career ends.

"My husband keeps saying, 'You can't do this forever,"" said Pic. "But it's not easy giving up something you love to do."

Pic, a competitive rider for 10 years a two-time national criterium champion, has a marketing and finance college degree and also was preparing to pursue a medical degree. Professional cycling interfered with both careers.

"I really don't know what I'll do," said Pic. "I was a beer rep for four years, and maybe I should do that again? I really don't know why I stopped. I liked the job."



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