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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Scarecrow's Only Scarin' Itself -- Log

Hmm..it appears weekly updates are the flavour de jour. ;)

Lessee what i've been up to:
Thu(Mar 24th): 2hr ride with Andy, did three Observatory repeats (nice 8min climb, low 50-60 cadence)

Fri: Went rock climbing outdoors near Goldstream, very nice!

Sat: Woke up, felt crappy, it was cold and pouring out, took the day off!

Sun: Burnside ride, went all the way around the water back to downtown, over 100km, felt decent

Mon: Rode w/Andy, moderate pace, 2hr 30mins

Tue: 60mins on rollers, kept HR between 160-170 and cadence above 100rpm, also went to the gym in the evening, good workout tho grip sucked..which might have been because:

Wed: had trouble sleeping, felt achy, woke up really achy, muscles and joints unhappy, must be some sort of virus...made it a rest day.

Thu: feeling much better from Wed, but taking the day off to be sure. Gonna watch the 2004 (or 2003) Tour de France DVD with Andy instead of riding. =)
If i'm feeling human again tomorrow, i'll go for an easy ride Fri, then Burnside it on the weekend.

Next week is the first week of track - woohoo!! My schedule will likely change a fair bit from here on in..

This virus thingy sure ain't much fun..i felt like an old man or something, with my muscles protesting most movements...also was quite hot...woke up sweating last night. Bleh. Feeling a lot better today tho, so hopefully that's it!

(Title from the new Beck song 'Scarecrow' from 'Guero'. *Love* the tune.)


At Saturday, April 02, 2005 11:43:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh god I know exactly how you feel right now... and it's overtraining (or at least for me). My coach has me doing Mondays off or 1 hr easy ride (up to me), Tues 2 hrs with intervals (abour 30 mins worth), Wed 3 hr ride w/few jumps, Thu 2.5 hr ride with hill repeats, Fri 1 hr easy with 2-3 jumps, and then races on the weekend. Ends up I've been riding too hard on my 3 hr rides and as a result I feel tired, my legs burn after my Friday ride, my knees hate me and all my muscles feel sore. So I'm taking today (Sat) off completely (supposed to race this Sat and Sun, but friend's car blew a flat, which is just as well since the weather there is snowy, 28 deg F with 35-40 mph winds!). I felt feverish at night too and just helpless and in pain... it's too easy to overtain on a bike!

At Saturday, April 02, 2005 3:08:00 PM, Blogger Dave Shishkoff said...

Hey there!

Bummer about the overtraining..you're totally right, it's very easy to do!! Especially with cycling..

Have you got a heart rate monitor? Very helpful for this.. A good way to tell if you're overtraining is to keep track of your heart rate in the morning. If you wake up, and it's a few beats higher than usual, it's a good sign that you're pushing yourself too much.

Doesn't sound like you're missing a very fun race..hahha.. We've been having some freaky weather here, with these weird 15 minute torrential downpours..then it gets sunny again!

Take it easy...go rent some bike racing videos or something. I really enjoyed the 4hr 2-DVD 2004 Tour de France video, watched it on Thursday. Lotsa neat stuff, and quite inspiring.

It's really too bad they don't have big events like the Tour with women as well.

At Thursday, April 07, 2005 1:07:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a womens Tour de France


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