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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Dance Epidemic Tonite!! -- Log

I've been just plain too busy! Here's what i've been up to:
Tue (Mar 15th): Took the entire day off for rest, skipped the gym!

Wed: Second hour-long run, with Heather again. I ate too close to run-time, so stomach wasn't very happy..stopped once for a minute, but carried on after that. Ave HR was 6bpm lower than first run (first run was 178ave.)

Thu: ride w/Andy, did the Observatory! Did three repeats, 50-60rpm, kept HR ~175bpm. Felt fantastic!

Fri: 45min solo run, felt good, and my hip flexor has finally abated!!

Sat: Burnside ride, skipped the section through Sidney w/Pat, residents there have been complaining about cyclists. Might be a good idea to give the town a little break for a while. Felt drained from the run, but held in, did the water, maintained a nice average speed again. Only lost about a KM from skipping Sidney.

Sun: Burnside again, and rainy! Did 77km, bit slower from the cold and riding with 5lbs of extra water sitting on my body. ;)

Mon (Mar 21st): RRide with Andy

Tue: did another great upper-body workout. Got Brandon to check my running form on the treadmill, looks alright! Got some running tips. Note to self: must hit the gym weekly to maintain strength! Had to drop a few pounds on some lifts....

Wed: Super-day! Pat emailed and asked if i wanted to ride, so i said yeah! Went out for 2hrs, did Munns and the Up & Over, felt great, beautiful day. Ran for 45mins w/Heather again, she was short on time, and the run was a tiny bit slower than it has been, but she'd eaten too close to the run. Once again, hip flexors leaving me no grief, yay! Did a hard sprint at the end as well, felt pretty good!
The rest of the week will be much like usual, Observatory again with Andy tomorrow, run on Fri, Burnside on the weekend, etc..nothing special planned for the Weekend of the Bunny!

Keep on truckin'!

(Posting title from an Electric Six song.)


At Monday, March 28, 2005 4:37:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to know I might not be the only person with that song infesting my head. I may have played it a little much this weekend, and I think Ange is looking forward to that window of time when we move and our stereo will be packed away.

(If you're just a "carrier" who can pass on the virus without suffering the symptoms, may Celine Dion haunt your rides.)

At Thursday, March 31, 2005 10:24:00 AM, Blogger Dave Shishkoff said...

haha! Nice to see another E6 fan. =)

Whaddya think of the new album? Not as great as the previous, but still damn fine, imo.

I have a trick thati can usually apply to get a song out of my head..so not usually a problem.

Oooh Celine.....


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