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Monday, February 28, 2005

The Flies Daze By Me! Weekend in Review -- Log

...and so ends our sunny streak in Victoria...

It's been quite pleasant and sunny the last few weeks here in the flowered capital of Canada. Okay, Victoria isn't the capital of Canada, Toronto is.

Victoria is *my* capital, so that's all there is to it.

As i was saying, the sunny streak has run out of crayon, and we're back into the grays for the time being... Ah well, my face is tanned at least!

So, i've been a pretty busy little vegan:

Fri - back to the running, did my first (almost) 30 min run. No idea how far i went, i'm guessing just under 6km...this is my new loop, and it took me 28mins. This will be my new time to run against..next running session on Wednesday. (Or maybe tomorrow...we'll see..) Once again, i fear that i will actually began to enjoy the experience of moving with my feet partially on the ground - i hope this returns to general revulsion soon, so i have more time to watch downloaded television shows. Like Boston Legal. Holy crap i *love* Boston Legal.

Sat - supah bizee day, bookah!

In the morning, did a 2.5hr ride with the Burnside group, broke off early, Teen Speed followed me, and we raced back into town. (I really like these guys, and their coach Steve Lund. Exceptional bunch.)

I got in, prepared food to go, and was soon picked up by my quotacular friend Jen (maybe i should call her "Jen") who then took me rock climbing at Flemming Beach. Tho it was a foggy ride, it had burned off over in Esquimalt, and it was absolutely marvelous. I only did two climbs, tho i somehow managed to complete them both. Each had an overhang to overcome, which i somehow flopped and oozed my body over. Tons of pics of my friends climbing here.

Sun - Burnside ride again, this was a faster ride than Sat, pulled 100km in 3:15, felt pretty darn good most of the time. I think my body is really starting to get used to riding at higher speeds, and also doing it for several days in a row. This wasn't the case even a few weeks ago - i would have been creamed. Nice to see a little more progress! =)

Mon - Recovery Ride, another fuzz day, and took Andy out again, he's really excited about biking; it's encouraging to see his new-found pleasure. He's asking tons of questions, is very keen and applies what he learns. My guess is he'll be a pretty fine cyclist in a few months as he gets more miles logged. We're planning to head out again on Thu.

For the rest of the week, looking something like:
Tue - perhaps run, definite night at the gym, hammer upper-body
Wed - run if i don't on Tue, maybe run again, maybe rest
Thu - ride w/Andy, do some sprints or longer, near-lactate 8mins sessions
Fri - run 30min loop again
Sat & Sun - Burnside or other rides, 3-4hrs each.
Made an interesting observation on the weekend.. Often you hear about how vegans are 'skinny' and need to eat more protein....yet when looking at a number of other riders, i'm usually as big, or bigger. My legs are definitely not 'toothpicks', and generally appear more muscled. (Not to be confused with 'stronger'. These guys can thrash me!)

This is a little odd for me, because i've never really been 'muscular', being more on the skinny side...yet here i am much further down the spectrum now. How odd!

But then there's my mom, who recently said 'you look thin in those pictures...or maybe it's just the big helmet'. Damn. I'm burgeoning with more muscle than i've ever had, and i hear this....heheh..

Final Word: go and find yourself a Pinback album. Best band you probably haven't heard of. I *never* tire of them.


At Tuesday, March 01, 2005 5:16:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Toronto isn't the capital also. You may want to check a more recent map of Canada.

At Tuesday, March 01, 2005 5:58:00 PM, Blogger Dave Shishkoff said...

Are you sure about that? =P

(I was actually joking in the article, thus the italics. =)

Thanks for playing tho! hehe


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