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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Hey, Guero! -- Log

To catch up from the weekend, here's what happened:
Fri - went for another run, same loop, managed to drop another 33 seconds from the last time i did it...wowwee!

Sat - legs felt a little tired, not sure if it's because i didn't quite eat enough, or if the running is taking something outta me.. Went for a long (just under 4hrs) ride, reeled in over 100km.

Sun - beautiful sunny morning, headed out with the Burnside group, but saw it was icey, so me and two other guys decided to split and do the water instead, glad i did. Just under 3hrs, 80km as well. Flew up the Ash Rd hill today for some reason...felt really good.
The upcoming week in training - will stick to last week's schedule for the most part...gonna take it easy with the weights, drop the weight and do high reps...sort of a recovery week. =)

That said, i might do Mt Doug again, it's been a while..hmm..

Also worked on my latest article for the site, about how lactic acid is your friend! Expect to see that in the next day or so, it'll be an eye-opener. Toodles!


At Tuesday, February 15, 2005 9:39:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hate to tell you this (and I hated being told this), but running is kinda only good as crosstraining early in the season... it really sucks for people like me who like to run. The pro racer I met in raleigh (see the VP) was a varsity runner for NCSU (ridiculously good) who turned to triathalons after college and fell in love with biking (and now kicks ass at it). She said she ran her first year in addition to running, until another biker who had been a runner told her that you shoudl reserve running for the off season (different muscle group and memories). Both of them said they had significant increases in their biking performance. I've kinda tuned out running as a once a week thing now or for days I just can't find the time to spend hours biking. I did notice that after running in the morning and then going cycling, it took me 30 minutes to find my "cycling legs" (struggling at the begininng, then doing fine for the rest of the ride).
Then again, triathaletes and duathales do it, as well as some vegan woman who was an olympic cyclist and had a sub 3 hour marathon time. Basically, just do what you wanna do... but it could be the runnign that makes you feel sore. It's also essential to take one off day and an easy day (or, if you're really addicted, 2 easy days). Within a month, have one week of easy intensity.. when you read the Training Bible, it makes sense (start out with maybe 12 hrs trainign week 1, 14 week 2, 16 week 3, and then 14 for the rest week; build, etc)
Well, maybe this is along enough post for now

At Tuesday, February 15, 2005 10:32:00 AM, Blogger Dave Shishkoff said...

Hey Irena!

Yeah, i'm keenly aware that running does next to nothing for cycling (tho cycling can help with running.)

I'm using it mainly to give my cardio a little boost, and keep me used to breathing kinda heavy (most of my bike training doesn't get me breathing too much!) I don't wanna be wheezing when i get back on the track this year. ;)

After April i'll be on the bike enough i won't want to run much, if at all. It's also good for my hernia tho, strengthening that area.

Running does suck the life out of my legs...hoping that goes away as i run more..

I usually take a day or two off every week. I'm only on the bike 3 days a week, trying to get up to four now that the rain has slowed.

I'm basically following the Carmichael Training System, he's the dude that trains Lance. =)

At Tuesday, February 15, 2005 1:49:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah- the one thing about running I don't feel in cycling is the working my heart and lungs so much (except on some darn huge hills)... intervals do it for me, tho. Just did some today, actually... ate a bunch of raisins before hand and guess what... seems like the whole base thing worked well. Got in one of the best rides ever with my highest average speed yet (16.6 mph, or 26.7 km per hour).

I've got a "Lance Trainign Plan" book, but I haven't really touched it much except for the drills... I'm on my bike 6 days a week because I really really really want to kick ass in biking... I know going pro and perhaps Olympics is a monumentous goal, but I wanna try at least!

Well, I gotta go...

At Tuesday, February 15, 2005 10:31:00 PM, Blogger Dave Shishkoff said...

Yeah, i never feel my lungs *unless* it's in a race! I've just about died at the track some days trying to keep up....!

Glad the raisins worked! What's your ave speed normally? How long are you out for?

I tend to average ~29kph over 2-3hrs when solo.

That's awesome you wanna go pro - i hope to see ya up there!! Riding as much as you are, there's a good chance of it! Remember this tho:

You don't get stronger while you're riding, you get stronger when you're resting.

Get lots of sleep, it's absolutely *essential* for muscle growth. Try to get a nap in during the day, you'd be surprised at how much it can help.

Can't wait for warmer weather when i'll be out almost every day too!

At Wednesday, February 16, 2005 9:32:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah... I've just gotten back into training seriously after running in weather I found too cold to road bike in. I've also started training with the computrainer I just recently got- my average speed used to be around 16mph. I've been going this 28 mile loop for my rides, which used to take me over two hours riding with other peeps. Then I rode with Alisha and we did it in 2 hours on "easy" days. Now i do it in around an hour and a half. Last week was kinda my mini "base" week to get my biking legs back... now I'm getting back into serious training. I also didn't eat so well my first few weeks at college... a bit more sugar and chocolate than I usually eat (usually, 1 time a week max!) and maybe overdid soymilk. But now I'm doing great... ;) My goal is to get up to 18mph average. I do some long rides- 3-4 hrs.
I do get lots of sleep... at least 9 hrs! And of course yoga...

At Thursday, February 17, 2005 8:26:00 PM, Blogger Dave Shishkoff said...

Hey Irena, what's too cold for you? Where are you?

What kind of bike computer you got?

Great gains on that loop! What's the terrain like, hilly, flat..?

That'd be a great ave. speed when you get there! You'll be keeping everyone else sweating no doubt!

The long rides will help you like no-one's business. Really trains your legs to be stronger and more efficient.. You don't have to go as hard, just be sure to spend that much time on the bike.

It's great to have a goal like this, eh?


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