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Saturday, February 05, 2005

30kph - 0 in 2 Seconds! -- Log

Today's plan was pretty simple; warm-up ride along the water, then over to UVic's Ring Road (round, relatively low-traffic 2km loop) to do our CTS Field Tests (useful for tracking progress, and establishing a maximum sustainable heart rate!)

All was going well, Sarah got through hers without a hitch, and it was my turn! Wee! Pedal my brains out for 4.8km so i can't see straight! Twice!

Unfortunately, i didn't make it more than 1km in, when a young woman (we'll call her Peddy, for Pedestrian) was crossing the road without looking, nowhere near a cross-walk.

It's a two-lane, one-way road, and i had a car behind me in the left lane, and i was in the right...she was coming from the left side, and looked like she would get by in time, but then, unbelievably, she slowed down as she crossed the second lane!!

My options were limited: switch lanes and get run over by the car, slip in front of her(and the curb), or try to get through behind her...

I opted for the latter, and clipped her large backpack, when sent me into asphalt acrobatics. I slid about five feet (i'm not really conscious of the moments before i ran into her, and me skidding to a halt.)

"Are you okay?!?"

"Yeah! Just WONDERFUL!"

I peeled myself off the road and went off to the side to talk to her... She was actually quite shaken, and was crying by the end of it our discussion (i wasn't mean, she was upset about the accident.) In a way, it's relieving to see someone actually feel really bad about making a serious mistake. I've seen people on the road who do things that put lives at significant risk, and then blame others. She was really cool about it, and she said she would pay for any damaged goods.

Which, on my bike, is relatively little..my shifters were scraped in several spots, tho it's more cosmetic than anything.. My rear derailleur is scratched-up as well, but seemed fine for the hour after i rode. Wheel is wonky now, but that's a pretty easy fix.

Clothes were torn up as well, and will be needing new shorts and jersey..

As for my current physical incarnation...OUCHIES!!

Let's review the injuries with images (yay!):

Here's my scraped-up elbow..it's quite oozy right now.

And my hip..lotsa bruising already evident. Not as oozy!

Now comes the fun part.... I was wearing my long-sleeve jersey, and there's now a big hole in it by the wrist....somehow that must have slid up my arm, to where the injury is...very weird. The elbow on the jersey is fine!

I noticed something quite disgusting tho, as i was looking at the inside of it:

Can you see it? Here's a closer look:

How about now?

Yes - that's hair embedded in there...my hair was worn off my forearm near my elbow, and was encrusted with tasty skin bits. How pleasant!! I've never seen that before...yuck!

In addition, i'm feeling the following:

- right ankle is kinda stiff
- right ribcage is bruised, feel little pains when inhaling deeply
- left calf is stiff, and swollen...think i might have pulled something in there too..right at the front near the bone..

Otherwise i'm feeling alright so far.. Didn't hit my head, seems the main contact points were my hip and elbow...hopefully nothing else crops up. =(

After the shakes left, Sarah and i continued, and did another hour or so of relatively easy riding.. I popped into the bike shop to get them to take a peek at my bike, and give me an estimate as well. Got Peddy's phone number, and will call her tomorrow. (Waiting to make sure no other weird aches come up.)

Am now planning a relatively easy week for next week...and prolly won't do the Burnside ride tomorrow but go for an easier spin.

I guess i'll do the stress test with Brandon in a few weeks, if his knee is better.. Maybe we'll avoid Ring Road. =)

In other training news, didn't hit the gym this week (two cancellations!) but got in two good home workouts, and hammered my triceps like no-one's business.

I'm hoping that this Tuesday i'll bench my own weight (150lbs) -- i did about 125lbs two months ago, and my upper-body is pretty weak, relatively speaking..so this is a pretty good accomplishment! Benching 60lbs was intimidating last October! I'll keep y'all posted.

In the meantime, send healing thoughts. =)


At Sunday, February 06, 2005 11:08:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

lovely pics there dave - especially the close-ups of the embedded hairs and assorted crusties. that's one for the family album. :) okay, i'm sending you some healing vibes now ... better yet? :)

At Sunday, February 06, 2005 12:20:00 PM, Blogger Dave Shishkoff said...

Why, yes! I do think i'm feeling a little better..

Oh wait, never mind..i just passed out for a few moments there. ;)

At Sunday, February 06, 2005 2:12:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ouch. looks painful. take care, man!


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