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Saturday, January 22, 2005

First Message! -- General

Alright..hopefully this will be my least-interesting posting.

A little aboot me:

- vegan for 14+yrs
- local track (velodrome) racer, more endurance-focused than sprints (don't wanna get huge!)
- currently training 12-20hrs a week, time spent on-bike, and in the gym
- live in Victoria, BC, Canada, here's a link to our velodrome

This will be my first year of training 'seriously' -- i've been riding mainly for fun at the track for the last three years, long history of casual cycling before that (from off-road to trials to couriering to off-dirt), and after watching the local AVC and Nationals, i was inspired to put a bit more into competing.... I ended up 1st place in the local 'B' league (got a nifty plaque!) by the largest margin ever (woot!)

2005 will be a 'transition' year for me, i'll be racing in the 'A' league, but i prolly won't jump into too many other big races...but who knows. My goal is a top 5 placing in the 'A' league, and to keep building on my racing abilities. 2006 will be a whole other ball of wax, if my training goes well...

Wish me luck! =)


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