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Friday, January 28, 2005

The Amazing Spider-Dave! -- General

Last night Jen took me climbing, which was the first time i've done it in 4yrs, what a blast! (I'd done over half a dozen outdoor climbs in the past...not too much i guess!)

I wasn't sure how much i'd remember, but the knot and belaying came easily, and i was 'approved' quite quickly. (Almost like riding a bicycle!)

I was reminded how sweaty my hands get (hey ladies!) and got that cunchy toe feeling.

My weakness seemed to be my fingers...the rest of my body didn't seem to have any trouble, or felt tired, but my fingers just didn't have the strength to hold onto the really small or ackward spots..but that was after more than 2hrs of climbing.

The most impressive (and fun!) adventure was climbing a 5.10B (i find the 5.8's a challenge!) - it was in a corner, and i ended up scaling half of it 'backwards' (ie, i was facing away from the wall!) Pretty hilarious. I took my time on this, and thanks to a couple cheats, i managed to make it to the top. Very satisfying. =)

A very fun 3hrs, and a big shout out to Jen for taking me! Hopefully this'll become a regular activity!


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