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Friday, January 28, 2005

Gas-Guzzling Cyclists? -- Activism

This month's Organic Athlete email newsletter mentions an interesting article on how a meat-eater walking is actually less energy efficient than a vegetarian who drives!

I remember reading this, possibly in Diet for a New America. Anyway, here's a quote from the article:
"It is actually quite astounding how much energy is wasted by the standard American diet-style. Even driving many gas-guzzling luxury cars can conserve energy over walking -- that is, when the calories you burn walking come from the standard American diet! This is because the energy needed to produce the food you would burn in walking a given distance is greater than the energy needed to fuel your car to travel the same distance, assuming that the car gets 24 miles per gallon or better."
Check the article for more info, and references to how this info is established:



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