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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Leg & Elbow, Two Weeks Later -- Log

Last Saturday, i took a couple more pics of my injuries to gross everyone out...err...to document my healing. Yeah. That's the ticket..

Anyway, my body parts are starting to look almost human again!

Tho you missed the giant scab near my elbow, i'm now only left with pink skin:

Much better! Nice that i can set it on things again..like my desk whilst typing!

Then there's my hip....as you can see by the area documented below, it had turned all weird and mostly purple in that area, with some black and yellow as well. It looked seriously freakish, i should have taken a picture, i've never had a bruise like that in my life! Luckily it's all gone, and only the one damaged area remains on my mid-hip, which is still swollen:

That's a really funny camera angle..my leg looks totally weird, too a minute to figure out which was the front..

I'm wondering what the likelyhood of a piece of bone being chipped off is? The swollen section is basically a big 'chunk'...not sure if it's just leg tissue, or a chunk of bone..it feels kinda weird.. I guess i'll know in a few weeks when the healing goes away completely.

Otherwise i seem to be healed-up pretty well, my back is still a little messed-up, but it's getting better.

In other training news, the ride on Saturday was fantastic, something like 3hrs, 100km and 32kph average. Sunday i got a weird stiffness in my leg (quad, right side, right in the middle) and crapped out of the group while going around the airport. Rode back into town with Clare (Claire? Is that even her name?) and it was nice talking with her. She used to work at Green Cuisine (local vegan restaurant) and used to be a racer (she's veggie as well.) Say 'hi' if you're reading this. ;)

Monday took it easy (no running) - leg was still stiff. Tuesday didn't get around to a ride as some friends took me out for a birthday lunch (found out The Joint has vegan cheese - yippee!!) I was planning to ride after lunch, but felt full of pizza and chocolate..hehe.. Went to the gym in the evening with Brandon and his gal Sarah, did a bunch of stretching and i hit the equipment pretty hard, working most of my upperbody - felt great.

Did a 21mins run today - i tried to extend my loop, but it's still waay too short..hoping to hit 30mins on Friday. Tomorrow (Thu) i'll be riding with my buddy Andy, who just got a used consignment bike from StraightUp Cycles, i found him an awesome 8yr-old red Cannondale in great condition with full Dura-Ace..pretty sweet. $600. Almost thought of getting it for myself..heh.. We'll be doing an easy 2hr ride tomorrow, it'll be his first ride. He's getting into triathlons..eek..

Friday, hoping to hit the 30mins mark on my run, and the weekend will be the regular group rides.

Keep on spinnin'!


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