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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Legs Are Outta Control! -- log

Went for my regular run today, after taking Monday off. (Rode 2hrs yesterday as well.)

I'm blown away by the results...in spite of me running more 'easily' (ie, i wasn't pushing it at all) i took another 35 seconds off the time, and my AVE HR was lower than any run i've recorded..! I doubt i'll be able to maintain this growth..haha I've take 15-30 seconds off the loop every time i've done it, and i think i'm up to five runs..nuts.

I read an article on running cadence, and that ~90 steps per min is a good range, i counted my self a little short, around 84, but i'm sure this is fine.

The really scary thing was the run felt pretty good for the most part...i think i almost enjoyed it...eeeek! I don't want to be a runner!!

I'm planning on riding again tomorrow, we've got some amazing weather happening, totally sunny! Pretty cool (1-9 degrees C) but very nice otherwise.

Fun fun!


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