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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

A Week In Review -- Log

Wowwee..February is gone, and here comes March! Bringing some amazing weather with it!!

Here's what the last week looked like for me:
Tue - nite at the gym with Brandon, climing Jen joined us as well, was happy to give her a bunch of tips for working out. I got in a pretty good WO as well.

Wed - went for a fairly hard run on my 'longer' loop, took a minute and a half off my previous time...nuts! I think i'm well on my way to a sub-45min 10k. =)

Thu - rode two easy hours with Andy, then did an extra hour on my own at my normal training pace.

Fri - ran my longer loop again, but this time kept my HR under 170..feels weird holding myself back running...slowing down...but it's good to train at that pace.

Sat - Burnside ride, there was a fairly ugly crash, but everyone survived, and they should be back on their bikes soon. The ride was pretty speedy, over 31kph ave, felt good, travelled just under 100k.

Sun - Burnside ride again, very reasonable ride, nice steady pace, slightly faster than Sun, and same distance. First time i've done two long and fast(ish) rides in a row, and i felt good afterwards! Yet more progress, yay me!

Mon - easy 2hr recovery ride with Andy, most beautiful day yet, rode without booties and vest! It was over 16 C outside, very nice!
That was a pretty good week for me! As it gets warmer, i'm planning on getting out on the bike even more...can hardly wait!

This week is looking something like:
Tue - gym w/Brandon, working upper-body
Wed - 1hr run with Heather (my second 1hr run ever!)
Thu - 2hr ride with Andy, prolly do 1hr solo as well
Fri - prolly extend my running loop a bit more..controlled pace
Sat & Sun - most likely more Burnside rides
I should prolly write up another story for the site as well....hmmm...what to write about...


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