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Monday, March 14, 2005

Land of Pleny, Land of Fun -- Log

...to find out I'm Nimrod's Son. (Fun fact: didya know i started and run FrankBlack.net?)

Wow, time is just whizzing by! The weather has been unbelievable, so much sun and warmth! I've got tan lines from the vents of my helmet on my forehead..heh.. I've also started shaving my legs.... Last week i used my beard trimmer thingy to clip most hair off my upper-legs, and slightly shorten the lower legs, then today i actually took a razor to the uppers...my legs feel so soft! It's hard keeping my hands off myself...hehe!!

Come April i should be hairless... Oh, the joys of being a cyclist! You may be asking why i'm shaving my legs...two main reasons: to help keep my legs cool, and to show off my muscles....err..make that to 'show my commitment to the sport'. Yeah..that's the ticket. ;)

Also got my OrganicAthlete jersey and shorts, pretty spiffy looking, i'll get some pics soon.

So, here's the last week:
Tue: hit the gym, Jen joined us, as well as Brandon's sweetie Sarah. (She looks like Mia Maestro!) They didn't end up in the weightroom, but i got a great WO w/Jen.

Wed: first hour-long run!! Went out with Heather, and we went quite hard for the whole thing, i figure we covered 11-12km, felt pretty good the whole time! Left hip flexor isn't the most friendly tho..

Thu: 2hr solo ride, felt pretty drained from run.

Fri: run, kept HR below 90%, starting to feel human again.

Sat: Burnside Ride, still felt tired, but held in alright. Got a flat right outside of Sidney, tied in with a smaller group, stayed ahead of the rest of the group until after the Ash hill, let them go by, finished the water.

Sun: Burnside Ride, felt tired still, but felt progressively better, ended up helping to keep the pace up, initiated a few sprints, etc.. Ran outta steam at Royal Oak, did the water tho, still worked out to be a speedy ride, faster than Sat.

Mon: 2hr Recovery Ride, enjoyed the weather and some Beck.
Not sure if i should try to fit another ride in per week, or if it might be too much with the running...thinking i should try and fit another day of running in....hmm...

Not gonna bother posting the upcoming week, it's pretty much a repeat of last, only difference it on Thu am planning on doing some hills, get Andy to do the Observatory a few times. =)

I'll be posting an article this week, on sprouting! Got pictures too, woot!

Have a great week!


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