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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Diss This Christmas -- Log

Hello league of blog readers! Below is a harrowing account of my training regime to become the fastest vegan on two wheels. (Maybe only on my block..but the title will be mine!!)

On Thursday, since i was still getting over from the blechular day-flu, Andy and i watched the 2004 Tour de France (DVD, 4hr version.) Pretty inspiring stuff! Amazing how they go up hills faster than i go down... Lance is a machine, wow. It was kinda scary watching the progression of the interviews tho...as the days wore on, he became more and more gaunt..practically Skeletor by the end of the tour...fueled by rage in his battle to beat He-Jan (Ullrich). I've read that you can burn as much as 10,000 calories in a day of racing in the Tour...wow.

There was one scene where Lance was riding up one of the hill time-trials, and we saw 'EPO LANCE' and i was gonna catch a screen shot of it....but i just did a quick Google Images search, and there it was! Hilarious someone else saw it, and did the exact same thing..haha.. (Yes, that's Lance in the pic too..heh..)

I don't have any idea if he's done EPO or anything else..i've read a few sections from LA Confidential, and there's some interesting citations, tho it's all circumstantial. From what i've heard, Lance has never actually come out and said 'I have never done EPO or any drugs', so that's a little suspicious.... Unfortunately cycling is rife with drug use, so what canya say..

Back to me; on Friday Andy and i went out for a brick, which featured a 2hr ride, followed immediately by a 30min run. I was surprised at how easy the transfer was, tho we hadn't ridden too hard either. My Organic Athlete biking shorts are fine for running in as well, i discovered.

Saturday morning, i could still feel a bit of the flu lingering.. Hoped the Burnside ride would be moderate, but they picked it up quite a bit not too far into it...dropped off...then caught up to some folks...took the shortest route around the airport into Sydney, hung out with a couple riders getting coffee, rode on.. The faster portion of the group caught up with us before long, and we jumped on.

Surprisingly, they weren't going too terribly fast, so i hung with them to Royal Oak, where i turned around to meet up with the not-as-fast group, and chat with some friends since most of the ride i hadn't seen them. They happened to be right around the corner from an annoying hill...which i got to do twice..haha

Was planning on taking Shelbourne back in, and cut the ride short, but Pat convinced me, and Roger and Tony were riding a good pace, so i stuck with them until McNiell and tooted back home. That got me 80km in 2hr40min...again, more than i wanted to do. =P

Hopefully i'm healthy enough that this won't exacerbate the remnants of my flu...i guess i'll find out tomorrow when i go for another ride...hahha

Happy weekending world! =)

(Title a weird mix of lyrics from PIL's Covered.)

PS - posted in Daylight Savings Time!


At Thursday, April 14, 2005 12:37:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saw the "EPO Lance" too when i was cycling up the Alpe 'd Huez myself that same week as the Tour came there. Since i was going pretty slow, i couldn't have missed it :).....


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