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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Provincials, TT and More!

It's hard to believe, but Provincials have come and gone! It was a fun event, a bit stressful to both organize and race at the event, but i think i managed it alright, tho both aspects prolly suffered a bit..

The weather was not entirely cooperative - we got rained out in the afternoon of the first day, and the morning of the second day. So the first day had my 'big event' of the year -- what most of my efforts were geared towards: the 4km Pursuit!

From 07-08-20 - Pr...
It went pretty well, although i goofed it with a totally newbie move -- after sitting down from the start, i look down, and i'm going 50kph. Not good, since i was planning to get up to 46kph, and hold that.

Then i make newbie mistake #2: 47kph was feeling 'alright', and so i decided to hold it as well. Looks like the aero helmet was on a bit too tight.. Ahh well, i still rode a 4'26, which is a PB in Victoria, tho still off my (suspect) time of 4'22 from last year. I figure i could have hit that had i ridden it a bit more smartly, but c'est la vie! I'm still really happy with that time, and the knowledge that i've still got more potential in this event. Next year, i'll be aiming for a 4'15. =)

That was all that i rode on Day One, sprint semi's happened, and one Scratch race for the Masters Men, and then the heavens opened up and spewed moisture on this part of the world.

Day Two opened with much the same, the infield was a bog...haha.. By the afternoon, it cleared and warmed, and we were back in action.

The Scratch Race was my next event, and it was pretty fast, once more. Instead of getting pulled for getting lapped, as happened last year, i was in with the front bunch the entire time, and even had a few little attacks of my own. I finished 8th of 8 (several DNF's), failing in an attack a few laps before the final and burning myself up then.. My buddy Chris Reid launched off shortly after, and managed to stay ahead of the charging pack to collect the win, nicely done!

From 07-08-20 - Pr...
Almost immediately after this was the Points Race, which was a blast. Lots of attacks, and i managed to score in 4 of the 12 sprints, giving me 8pts, and leaving me in 5th (our of 8), much better than the -40 or so i finished with last year! Again, finished with the main pack, and only one rider, the winner Jonathan Gormick, lapped the field.

I opted to skip out of the Keirin and Kilo, as they were packed in between the two Endurance events, but looking at the Kilo times, i should have gone -- i would have likely medaled..haha..

I'm pretty happy with my racing, i'm much smarter and stronger. I think i had more pop at the last Trackfest, i certainly felt stronger, but hey, i did what i could.

More pics from Provincials can be found here and here.

Also did the Sidney TT last week - finally got it down closer where it should be, with a 26'04, but i'm still gunning for well under 26!

I clearly have a problem with the first lap being too hard, tho i'm curious how the second lap can have less power, but still be pretty darn close in time.....what a weird sport, anyway, here are the details:

Date1st Lap Time PwrCadHR2nd Lap PwrCadHRTotalPwr Cad HR

And the PowerTap file:

From PowerTapFiles

I'll be trying it again this week, final TT of the year. I've been trying to rest this week (tho killed myself in a Points race on Thursday, very fun tho, also didn't take it too easy on the weekend group ride! Got 2nd in the sprint, averaged 655w over 30 seconds, tho Cooper, who won the sprint, held 1340w - holy crow.)

So i'll chill tomorrow, ride out to the track and WATCH pursuits, and then one final hurrah at the TT on Tues, final night for the Victoria Track League points on Thursday with Keirins -- Cooper is 9pts ahead of me, and there's no way i can get ahead of that in one night...so my hat is off to my nemesis of the year who bested me!! =)

Again, i'm happy with my racing this year, in the Thursday night events, i mainly screwed around, attacking lots, and trying out various tactics. Next year i should be able to use these with much deadlier affects..hehe..

My next few months will have little rest... The 8th is Trackfest '07 3, and #4 in the Track BC Cup series. After that is a few months of Cyclocross, then Nov 9th-11th is BC Cup #5, the final event in the series, over in Burnaby. THEN i get to rest....eeeps!

I'll prolly report back in by Wednesday on that TT...

PS - RideCam 04 is online. Various pics i've taken as i'm cruising around, enjoy!

From 07-08-25 - Ri...

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