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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's a Rest Week

It's been a rest week for me, so not too much going on right now..

BMX Worlds are here in Victoria, right beside the track, and they've taken over the infield; we're off, so i'm chilling this week. =)

Had a good 'last race', a week ago. It was a longer Points Race (42 laps), and i *finally* beat Mike Cooper - yeah, baby!!! Sorry, don't mean any disrespect, he's a great racer, but he's been kicking my ass all over the track all year, and it's nice to return the favor for once. =)

Typically the local races are shorter, 30 laps or less, so he's always got extra gas for the line...but that night i managed to keep the pressure on, scoring about 8pts more than him. Didn't win the race tho, Don Gillmore the Immortal was out, and lapped the field three times..hahaha.. Finishing 2nd after Gillmore is a feat in itself tho. If anyone *did* latch onto his wheel...look out!

It's been an interesting Tour de France... Rasmussen (or Ras-Use'n, if you ask me) was ejected due to highly suspicious circumstances. This after Vino, and another rider testing positive. Nice to see them cracking down. I was joking with my fellow OrganicAthlete riders that we should post our Anti-Drug Policy on the OA website. He joked back saying we should test for pesticide residues...that might be an interesting thing to offer while touring..hehe!!

It'll also be interesting to see how many riders actually donate their year's salary, as they all committed at the beginning of the race, if found doping.

As for the finish...i'm cheering for Cadel Evens. A while back, there was a rumour that he was vegetarian, but unfortunately it's not true. Still, i'm cheering for the guy. And Levi, who doesn't like Levi. =)

On the 'cross front, i've order the Campy Chorus parts, so they'll likely be in fairly soon, and then can build it up -- yeehaw!


I'm looking for a front wheel, if anyone has any suggestions.. I'm going with a disc brake for the front (i do a lot of hill repeats, often in the rain, and don't want to change brake pads every two weeks), and so looking for something that's a bit more 'aero', with a lower spoke count, but of course has a disc brake on it....any suggestions, as to pre-built wheels, or something i could build up? Is there a hub with disc brake bolts that is low spoke count..?? What rim? Thanks for any tips. =)

That's about all for now. I'll be racing in the BC Master's crit on Sunday, around Windsor Park here in Victoria, should be fun! Then Monday and Thursday i've planned an Omnium week, which should be pretty awesome. Monday will have the 200m and 500m sprint, and a Scratch race, and Thursday will have Pursuits (3km for me) and a Points race. The idea is to compete in all five, to be the best overall.....looking forward to it!

If you haven't seen it before, i publish a monthly vegan newsletter here in Victoria, called The Victoria Vegan. There's a vegan sports section, and i write about a number of items, the most recent is about all the yummy summer fruit. Check it out!

S'all for now, sports fans, have a great weekend!



At Thursday, August 02, 2007 1:28:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey man, careful with puttign a disc on a cross bike if you wanna race it. they're technically illegal for cross and some commissaires will enforce it.

What are the dates of track provincials?


At Sunday, August 05, 2007 11:17:00 PM, Blogger Dave Shishkoff said...

I'm not planning on going to Nats or anything, mostly weekly racing and a few races in the series..i can switch to Canti's if necessary too.

Provs are the 18th & 19th, registration is online!


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