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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Day of the Race

From 07-04-15 - Bu...
Got a couple hours before i head off to the Trackfest / BC Cup, so i figured i'd catch up a little!

Nothing too exciting has happened the last week, i've been tapering, in anticipation of today..

Monday of this week i did an easy Team Pursuit, Tuesday i went to the track in the afternoon where the La-Z-Boyz were out motorpacing. I jumped in a few laps, but mainly my focus was to do a couple short sets of 30s max intervals. They're feeling a lot 'better' to do now..haha..

Wednesday was a rest day, and Thursday was back out at the track, where we did another Madison and Keirin.

The pic on the right (thanks Don! Cool shoes, huh?) was on the final lap sprint, and i managed to hold Simon off for a lap and a half - woot!! Malcolm was my partner this time, and we worked well together, with some really solid tosses. The main skill i gotta work on is the 'drop', where i come into relieve my partner -- i tend to drop a bit early, and with a bit too much velocity. Should be able to perfect that soon enough tho!

Below is a vid (thanks Roland!) of the Maddie:

It starts with Malcolm (my partner)..watch for him..

0:35 is our first exchange, and got tossed on Simon's wheel pretty solidly.

1:03 - i see the next exchange about to happen, so i try to get away a bit..Cooper chases hard, you miss the exchange with Malcolm...off camera

2:09 - final exchange, i attack, bell goes, final lap! I don't really make much ground on Simon, but i held him off! I figured my 200m time there was 13.5 seconds, which after half a lap of riding already is pretty good for me!! Malcolm got the first sprint, and the second was mine, so we won the race. =)

Next vid is the Keirins, i don't really do so much:

0:05 - in the first one, i get on Simon's wheel...

1:00 - Matt and Wayne get away fairly easily, but i manage to keep the gap to a minimum! 3rd place finish.

1:27 - 2nd Keirin, i let Matt squeeze in front of me, he's a fine wheel to be on

1:40 - for some reason i'm boxed in! Kinda limits where i can move..then Chandler attacks, Cooper, Wayne and Matt are all quick to respond..

2:02 - i chase hard to catch up, and remarkably, close the gap a wee bit, finish 4th behind the sprinters. ;)

That's is for now, i'll report back tonite or tomorrow on Trackfest, wish me luck!

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