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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Howdy howdy, sports fans!

After further discussion of the last posting (on TT results), i think the best conclusion is weather conditions, specifically humidity...although the first effort was a couple degrees colder, i believe it was a lot more humid (it had been sprinkling just before as we were riding out..) It's my understanding that humid air is more slippery!

The following Thursday (May 10th) saw some more bunch races at the track, and thanks to Roland, i have, for the first time ever, video footage!! Immediately below is the 'play by play', based on the time:

0:25 - you see me up high chasing Chandler "Go Vegan!" - we break off the front for a bit, nothing exciting, just getting the game started.

0:56 - i'm off the front again, trying to shake up the pack, it was too big for my liking. ;) The pack chases..

1:46 - Dave McLeod breaks off the front, gets away...

2:03 - i attack from the back, in an attempt to catch up with Dave, three follow..we catch him

3:00 - final few laps, Dave attacks again, i'm drained from my chasing...and didn't eat much prior to the race, so wasn't too spunky..finished 5th.

Next race, a 15 lap Snowball - my strategy was to sit in until later in the race, then try and pick up a couple laps....

Mike attacks off the start, then Wayne collects a pile of points, no one else seems to want to chase.. I bridge the group on Lap5 (i was hoping to catch Wayne, no luck..) Chris then takes a couple laps, responding to attacks from Simon and Mercer, then carries it through, and makes some good distance while i'm at the back of the pack.....and at this point no one is really chasing..!!

Lap 11 you see me coming up behind Chris, but not in time, Lap 12 is mine however, then stupidly we slow up for the rest of the pack, and Chris attacks once more (he was on fire!), and Simon snipes Cooper for 14, and Chris, remarkably, flies by to collect Lap 15!! Somebody test that man's blood! ;)

I finished 4th with my 12 points..and my main competitors for points in the weekly league, Cooper (1st) and Mercer (3rd) didn't collect any points, so they were neutralized nicely for this event. =)

Nothing too exciting the following week, did a couple practice Team Pursuits on the following Monday (May 14th) as well as a 2k, i didn't want to pass the junior racer i was riding against too early, so i actually slowed up quite a bit for a few laps, still got a 2'56..feeling pretty good in Pursuits now, getting a good sense of what i'm capable of, how not to good too hard, etc..

Tuesday was the Race Day for the Victoria High School League at the track, they did standing start 1 Lap sprints, and Team Sprints, seemed to have a lot of fun, i hope some of the kids come back out!

Then i was off for NYC, it was the Friends of Animals 50th Anniversary Gala, which was a lot of fun! It was nice to see my co-workers, as well as meet some of the new faces. At the event, Nellie Mackay (who performed) was awesome, and the food (from Candle 79) was insanely delicious...i think the best seitan i've ever had, w/nummy mashed potatoes and 'buttered' spinich, and a fruit crumble 'tart' for dessert. I also tried out their chocolate 'tart' (think mini chocolate cheesecake), which was *perfect*. Needless to say, all vegan of course.

That was a whirlwind trip, i left home at 10am on Thur, got to NYC at midnight (their time), hung out at the NY office Fri morning and checked out a bit of the city, then helped with the set-up of the Gala (there was a silent auction and other items), the Gala of course, and then wandered around Times Square a bit that night - holy lights, Batman!

Then, i was up at 6am (3am my time) to leave for the airport, and was home by 2pm on Saturday...insane! I planned to get out for a ride Sat afternoon, but was too exhaused..i got maybe 8hrs of sleep those last two days...bleh...

Sunday, went out for a 2hr spin in the rain. Constant, heavy rain. It was gross. I took out my CX bike, for the full fender coverage..

Monday (last night) went to the track a bit early to practice Madison throws, since we're going to try opening each Thursday with Madisons (we'll 'cripple' the A riders with low gears [82-86"] so that all can race together and still keep it fairly balanced), and then continue with the regularly scheduled races.

It was also Sprint Night at the track, and i surprised myself with a 13"35 200m jump - i wasn't feeling too spunky, and was a bit slow at the line which was windy, but i'll take it!

That paired me up with Chris (who raced strongly in the videos). Chris is typically a stronger sprinter than i (tho we're both mainly pursuiters) so i was feeling a bit nervous.. I'd gotten a better 200m time by almost half a second, but that could be a timing error...

First race (best of three), Chris starts in front of me...i just sit on his wheel...the whole time..finally he jumps, but it wasn't too snappy, so i was on his wheel and coming through the corner, after he pulled for 2/3rds of a lap, i come around him relatively easily and take it - woooo!! That was lucky!

Second race, i'm in front. Crap. I spend a lap and a half trying to swap the positions around, but no luck. Coming out of corner two, i decide it's 'now or never', dip down and back up (like i had several times already) and then gun it - i've got a bit of a break, but coming around the corner he's getting close...and at the line it's a total draw! Neither of us can tell, but the judges give it to Chris - drat!!!

Third race, we're tied...winner takes all! I draw front position again...crap. That is not favorable to me. After nearly a full lap, i actually manage to get Chris to slide ahead of me....excellent...... He keeps peeking back.. I wait for a peek to 'end' (ie, he looks forward again), and HAMMER!!! I'm approaching corner three and look back, i've got at least four bike lengths, but he's still chasing...! Crap, i gotta hold this....i power through the corner and at the Pursuiter's line, i look back, and see i'm safe, and ease off the gas. YES!! I can scarcely believe i pulled that off!! Sweet victory!

Here's a shot of Chris and i battling it out last year, click for the full series.

From 06-07-03 - Sp...

That's a pretty positive experience for me, since i'm really not a sprinter..sometimes you can outwit if you can't out-sprint. ;)

Heading out to the track in a bit to do some more intervals..fun fun! =)

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At Tuesday, May 22, 2007 4:21:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice videos!


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