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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

More Power, Slower Time

Cycling is a funny thing.

Last night, i did another TT, went significantly harder (5%) than last week, but finished 20 seconds slower (1% 'slower'). Bizarre, huh? Here's a table comparing last week and this week:

Date1st Lap Time PwrCadHR2nd Lap PwrCadHRTotalPwr Cad HR

It's pretty straight-forward, but to clarify, there's the first lap with Power, Cadence and Heart Rate, Second Lap, and Overall TT effort.

I went out a bit hard in my first lap, and i hit a 'wall' on the 2nd where holding 250w felt hard.. (300w was fairly comfy on the first lap.) I'm guessing the weather played a fairly big part in the bizarre times, weird air pressure or something, eh?

I don't know if the first effort or second effort makes more sense when looking at the 2nd lap. On the first effort, i didn't go as hard as the first lap as the second lap, but got a faster time. On the second effort, same thing, but got a slower time.. It's possible i'm not remembering the laps correctly...i'll try and double-check next time i'm out there.

I'll keep updating this with future efforts (unfortunately prolly won't head out there for another month, gotta focus on training rather than racing!) Here's the file from last night for all the PT geeks out there. =)

From PowerTapFiles

In other news, just did a 200m sprint on Monday, got a 13"57 which is alright for me for this time of the year. Roland brought his video camera, and got some cool footage of the matched sprints - i didn't do any since i was 'resting' for the TT. =P

Last Saturday was another OBB group ride, and i got shelled by the fast guys! A little disheartening...made it up and over the Panarama hill, and on the farming stretch, they seemed to just pull away..dunno if it was the wind or what, but i found myself falling back....gaah! Hooked up with the next group (The A Minuses? :) and we kept up a nice fast pace back into town.

Sunday i boated out to the track, LTR was canceled due to rain, but figured i'd get some miles in anyway and ride out there and do some paperwork and work on my track bike a bit.

Rest day today, and more bunch races on Thurs night, yay! Keep those wheels spinnin'!



At Wednesday, May 09, 2007 4:08:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

was there any noticeable wind?

At Wednesday, May 09, 2007 9:51:00 PM, Blogger Dave Shishkoff said...

There was a light breeze the first night, and the second night was very windy UNTIL the TT started, and the wind died down significantly..i'd almost say there was more wind the first night, but it's kinda hard to say..

At Thursday, May 10, 2007 2:14:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Air temperature also affects your speed. The colder the air, the higher the resistance.

At Thursday, May 10, 2007 1:57:00 PM, Blogger Dave Shishkoff said...

Aye, i remember glancing at the clock/thermo on the course, on the first TT it said 12C, the second 14C....which makes it more strange.

Humidity can also have a factor, supposedly humid air is more 'slippery'...it was actually raining a bit just before the TT on the first day, maybe that was the difference (no sign of rain the second..)

At Thursday, May 10, 2007 9:44:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe your tires were at enough of a psi lower to have an impact? or maybe you had a new position?


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