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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Let's Go To The Ob (Oh Baby..)

haha - hope you get that awful song stuck in your head!!

It was a pretty nice, sunny day. Temp ~11C, although a bit of a cold breeze. Kev came out to join me in the suffering! It's been really awesome having people out to train with this spring. =)

So, same general idea as Tuesday:
2min U, 1min O, 2 - U, 1 - O, 1 - U, 1 - O (8min total)

U/Under = 260w (will bump that up to 265w next time.)

O/Over = 350w - well above my anaerobic capacity. FYI, i can hold 350w for ~5mins, and i am DONE at that point..totally esploded.

So this is a pretty challenging workout. I'm either at my 1hr threshold (265w) or well above. The point is to develop recovery, despite intensity. Clear the legs out of the nasty stuff, etc.. In the 8min effort, i'm holding 350w for 3mins, so i think this is maxing me out pretty well.

Did 4x, here's the quick #'s:

Ave Wts: 298
Ave HR: 174
Ave Cad: 92
Ave Spd: 17.5

Ave Wts: 296
Ave HR: 175
Ave Cad: 91
Ave Spd: 17.2

Ave Wts: 301
Ave HR: 176
Ave Cad: 90
Ave Spd: 17.3

Ave Wts: 294
Ave HR: 176
Ave Cad: 91
Ave Spd: 17.1

Was fading a bit on the final one... I'm holding my 260w portions very well, many were in the 270w range. Some of the 350w portions were down around 345w. The entire effort average, according to my math (5x265 + 3x350 /8) should be in the 297w range, so i'm getting what i need out of it. (32mins averaging ~300w is great!)

Note there's a 4mins rest between each effort, just enough time to get to the bottom. Max HR was 189 for the final two, and 186 for #1. Also, kept my cadence as high as possible, it was in the 80-90's for the Under portion, but i was often around 110rpm for the Over, for some addition aerobic stimulation... I must say, feels REALLY weird going uphill at 110rpm!! Much more used to grinding a bit more..heh..

All the power data here, including detailed cuts of each interval:


Note i also broke down the ride out and ride back. Total ride is a bit longer, includes the four descents from the top of the Ob, plus my short warm-up and warm-down (which i excluded from the ride out and back portions.)

Also got a Garmin file:


Again, the peaks in the Elevation view make me laugh!!! ~830m of total elevation today...starting to sound like a climber. ;)

Climbed Wed night, had another good session, made it up the overhang 11a with only one stop...figured out some smoother manoeuvres, hopefully will clean it soon! Maybe tomorrow night.. Sat is OBB, and prolly another short MTB ride on Sunday.

Rock and roll!

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