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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Provincials - Day 0 -- Log

The 2005 BC Provincial Track Championships start tomorrow...i'm quite excited!!

Raced at the track tonite, didn't excert myself much, but i felt nice and strong.....woot!! Ready for the weekend..my 'taper week' was barely that, but considering the miles i've been putting on, staying off the bike would have been a baaad idea.

I also finally picked-up a much-needed new pair of shoes.. (Old ones had my feet sliding in them, straps barely holding, and sole flexing..pretty sad..) I went to just about every bike shop in town, and ended up with the shoes i was really hoping to get: the Specialized Comp Road shoes.

I tried them on, and i knew they were the ones. They fit *so* nicely..and they ride incredibly well too....very comfortable, and i can feel the power being transferred directly to the pedals...soooo nice. I'm sure my sprint times will improve just from the shoes. And, of course, they're vegan!

Been a fairly busy bee since last Sat, and haven't spent a day off the bike since the 3rd..eeep!
Sun - met up with a bunch of guys from the Team, and were recorded by a local TV channel to promote the team, sport, and event. Got a bunch of emails from people who saw me..hehe.. Will post a link to the clip if i get a copy.

Afterwards did an hr+ ride, and then went to the track that evening to practice sprints and standing starts. Went quite well, until the infield was taken over by about 100 field hockey players!

Mon - back to the track, did more sprints, times a little slower than usual..tried a bigger gear (48x14) but didn't seem to help..will stick with the 47x14 stand-by tomorrow. I'll prolly ride everything in that gear..heh..

Tue - another Sydney TT, it was a windier night, came in about 10sec slower than the last couple, 26:14 or so. Really hammered on the last kilo, felt i rode it pretty well. My buddy Kevin got a great time, breaking 25mins - woot!!

Wed - did a 2hr recovery ride with Pat, took it nice and easy

Thu - Mystery Night at the track! Unknown Distance Scratch came in 6th, and wheeled my way to 3rd for the Mystery Points (which laps have the bell is unknown, fun!) I didn't push myself in either, mainly sitting in. For the Scratch i forgot to change back from my warm-up gear, and at the sprint at the end, i spun out my 47x15, and watched everyone pass...pretty funny. =)
I really fear Saturday...it's going to extremely intense....... (See previous entry for day-to-day breakdown...)

Send positive thoughts to my quads!! =)


At Friday, August 19, 2005 5:21:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice shoes... I've got a pair of Specialzed women's comp shoes and I love them- they've got to be one of my favorite bike companies.

BTW, I was surfin around and found another place that links ya: http://veganfreaks.org/ on the side left. Seems like whatever new vegan site I visit they've visited you!

At Tuesday, August 23, 2005 11:53:00 AM, Blogger Dave Shishkoff said...

Aye, Specialized seems to know what they're doing...

I exchanged a few emails with someone from VeganFreaks, they seem like a cool bunch!


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