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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Toight Loike A Toiger! -- Log

First, a technical suggestion: check your bolts.

My shifting had been rather wonky, and felt like i was losing power when pedaling hard.....turns out three of my chainring bolts were loose!! So check them bolts every now and then and make sure everything is toight....toight loike a toiger!! (Think Goldmember from the Austin Powers movie. I loooooove goooooooold...)

Took last Friday off, it was crummy weather anyways... The last few days have been quite good:
Sat - Joined in the BSide group, hoping for some intensity...and i got it! Nice fast and consistent pace... I held up well in the Airport sprint, thanks to a good lead-in from a fellow trackie. Land's End was quite fast, i was redlining it on the hills!! Stuck in with the pack, and by the end of that section, our ride had averaged over 35.5kph for the first hour...woot! 65km and 2hrs later, we'd sunk that down to a 34.5kph average speed. Certainly not a Tour pace, but pretty fast for me.

An interesting observation: As your riding speed increases, the hills actually get smaller.. To my brain, certain hills have been morphing into slight inclines.. Very weird.

Sun - My plan was to just sit in for an hour, then peel off and go home...but i was feeling good, and the pace was pretty decent..so i ended up deciding on the 'next turnoff' until the actual end of the ride. 1kph slower pace from Saturday..haha.. The Airport sprint was good as well, i lead out and held-off most riders.

Mon - Sprint Night at the track, got all new PB's! Whittled 0.2 seconds off my 200m time, pulling in a 13.22, and hitting 58.5kph in the attempt. Still gotta get that under 13....

In my lung-gouging Kilo attempt, in spite of a crummy start, i managed to take 5 seconds off my previous PB, clocking a 1:21.91. The other guys were around 1:16, so i'm getting there....

My slow-twitch muscles are getting pretty fast...hahha
Today will be out for 3+hrs with Andy, prolly an easy ride Wed, big league-night Points race (72 laps, 24km), ride on Friday, plus Madison practice....i'm organizing a Madison race for the following Thursday..woot!

Wanna be my Madison partner? =)


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