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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Film Features Vegan Athletes -- Veganism

This looks pretty neat:
[from Corvallis Gazette Times]

Three Corvallis residents are making a movie that will track a week in
the lives of three vegan athletes.

The full-length film will be a combination of instructional video,
documentary and reality show, said Robert Cheeke, the Corvallis
resident who came up with the idea for the movie and one of the film's
three subjects.

Cheeke is a professional bodybuilder and a vegan, meaning he doesn't
eat or use animal products. His diet consists of plant-based foods,
and he doesn't wear leather or fur.
In addition to Cheeke, the movie features Kay, a professional dancer
and part of the off-Broadway group STOMP, and Brendan Brazier, a
professional triathlete.

The video examines each athlete's specific nutrition needs.

"We're calling ourselves the vegan fitness team," Cheeke said.
There's even some comedy in the film, he said.

In one section, for instance, some of Cheeke's friends talk about his
transformation from a scrawny, 130-pound high school kid to a
200-pound bodybuilder.

The film is yet to be named. The group has brainstormed about 20
possible titles, but Cheeke wants to wait to pick one that everyone
agrees on.

The movie will be available in DVD format, probably around October, he
said. He hasn't decided on a price yet. Cheeke will be selling the DVD
on his Web site, and the two other athletes, who both have Web sites
of their own, will be doing the same. It may also be available at
amazon.com and possibly at the First Alternative Natural Foods Co-op.

On the net: www.veganbodybuilding.com/, www.brendanbrazier.com/,

full story:


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