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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Too Strong To Get Sick -- Log

Wow....i'm feeling a little crappy right now. I've had a sniffly nose the last week or so, but i've been more or less ignoring it. I think i've actually got a cold or something..bleh... (But i'm too strong to get sick!!! I'll wake up and be fine i'm sure. ;)

Still feeling good from my race last week, very happy with my results!

Lessee what i've been up to, made this a pretty easy week:
Sun - rest day, watched the Bastion Square crit, packed stuff up

Mon - moving day...long day...went well tho! Full body workout, was pretty beat by the end.

Tue - finished moving, finished cleaning old place, bye bye Vegan House! Next one in a few months!! (If you're reading this in Victoria and are keen on living in a vegan house, lemme know!)

Wed - back on the bike! Short but effective EM ride.

Thu - race nite at the track! Nothing too exciting, got 6th in a 25 lap scratch, and did a good job earning 5th place in the 54 lap Points race. Missed the break, from being at the back of the pack (did several extra pulls, and squeezed back in near the front, but the one time i go back to the pack.....ho hum..) Did well in a few sprints, and rode strong the whole time.

Fri - 45km RR w/Andy, plus went to the track to practice standing starts, added another 40km there.

Sat - 3.5hr LSD which picked-up a bit near the end. Replaced the chain (don't use Whipperman chains on Campy drivetrains...they wear out FAST! Stick with Campy.) and it kept skipping over the middle cogs in my rear sproket, not so fun...survived tho! Got a replacement casette today, so all should be good now.
Tomorrow (Sunday) is Andy's first big Tri race, i wanna head out to cheer him on, but feeling as crappy as i am right now, i'm not sure if i'll make it..bleh...will have to see when i wake up. :
Have a great week, sports fans. =)


At Monday, June 06, 2005 8:09:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you're getting sick, the best thing to use are zinc swabs (swish 'em around your nose- gets the zinc in your system and really kills the cold). The company that makes them is called "Zicam"... there was a really nasty cold going around here that took me out for a week and it really helped me out.
hope ya feel better...


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