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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Road Bike is Back! -- Log

Yay! Got a call yesterday (Tuesday), my rim came in, and the wheel was built - kick ass!! Rushed over to the bike shop, and they gave me a great deal. Plopped a new tube and tire on, and rode it to the gym...feels nice and solid! Can't wait to get out on the road in some sprints, see how stiff it is. (I asked them to make it nice and toight...toight like a toigah!)

Been a pretty good week since last Thursday:
Fri - evening at the track, practiced some jumps, hit my new top speed of 55.5kph. Gotta get that higher tho..

Sat - went back to the Observatory on mountain bike, did 5 repeats, around 8mins each. Felt pretty good.

Mon - sprint nite at the track, got a 13.71 in the 200m, my fastest of the year. Still wanna get that below 12.....prolly won't do that until June. Hills seem to be paying off tho.

Tue - More Ob repeats w/Andy on the MTB, only did 4, but really nailed my legs, all under 8min. Gym in the evening, felt really good considering i missed last week, maintained most of my strength, yay!
I'm really excited to have my road bike back tho....seriously missed that thing! Gotta get out for some long rides! I also finally took my fenders off!! (They've been on it since i got the bike nearly four years ago!) I gotta leave 'em on since i also communte on it....but now i got these amazing clip-on fenders that work like a charm. Yippee!

The rest of my week looks like:
Thu - race nite at the track, it's Sprint Night! That means a Chariot, Miss'n'Out, Keirin and Scratch (if time)

Fri - recovery ride w/Andy

Sat - hopefully a good hard long ride with Kim & Kevin

Sun - might join up with the Burnside group, it's been a while! They might be going faster than i want tho, so prolly will drop off.

Mon - Pursuit nite at the track

Tue - More Ob repeats, gym in the eve
I'm also considering entering into the Bastion Square crit... I'd prolly do alright in the Cat4 race...but do i really want to risk life and limb with that nasty corner? heh...


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