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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

D's Diner -- Log

Got so much i wanna post, but so little time!

I'll start with a little log-entry catch up! Last training log entry was a ride on Sat, June 4th. I took the 5th off, and from there we've got:
Mon (June 6th) - 2.5hr FM ride with Pat in morning, plus evening sprints at the track, did a pitiful 1:26 in the Kilo. (Come on, gotta get under 1:2o at least!!) First Kilo of the year i believe.. 13.89 in the 200m as well.

Tue - 3hr FM ride (kept HR in zone, over 30kph average speed!), easy 30min run w/Brandon (second run since my 10k!), plus 1.5hr upper-body workout (at Chez Shish, i've got pretty much all we need with Brando's weights. Nice to have control over the moozak. =)

Wed - rest day! (And boy, did i rest hard!)

Thu - Sprint Races at the track, got trampled...7th in the the Miss'n'Out, then last or near last in the Keirin and Chariot (stupid me pulled the whole Keirin..duh!!) Had to leave early, so missed the final scratch.

Fri - Ob (hill) repeats w/Andy, did 5, all under 8min, getting stronger! Starting to do it in my big chainring. Saw Christina Briante there as well, nice to talk to her, she did well the following Sunday at the Atomic race.

Sat - Rode w/trackies, 3.5hr, did Sooke then water, lotsa hills, a few good sprints, fun ride!

Sun - rode w/Burnside group, i just sat in the pack, rode about 2.5hrs...semi-recovery ride!

Mon (June 13th) - Pursuit night at the track, did a decent Team pursuit, and got a 4:32 in the individual 3k event. (Previous time was about 4:50 two months ago, pretty good gain!) Still got a ways to go tho, a 4min time is considered great...tho pursuit isn't my focus at all. I'll be happy if i can drop another 10-20 seconds by the end of the year.

Tue - 3.5hr EM ride w/Andy - felt great, we did our King of the Hill comp again, but i overpowered him on all accounts... Anyone have any ideas on how to give someone an advantage on a hill climb, but still allow the stronger rider to do a 'maximal effort'? I gave him upwards of 30 seconds of lead-time, but i still flew by him...going 37kph on the final climb while he said he was at about 13kph...oops! I was feeling pretty strong at least..heh.. Also did a 1hr upper-body workout here again with Brandon. I quite like my setup! In the winter, it'll be nice to work out several times a week without having to go to the gym. (Just do legs there now..)

Wed - planned a day off, but Pat emailed, so did a 2.5hr FM ride. This now makes 7 days in a row on the bike...will prolly ride every day until next Wed... Feeling good tho! Other than the hills, i'm not really 'killing' myself (tho i guess i did on the pursuit on Monday..)
The rest of the week will look much like the above.. 'Mystery Night' at the track tomorrow, fun fun! Unknown distance Scratch, and unknown bell Points race. =)

More Ob's on Fri, group ride Sat, Sun i'll ride out to the half-ironman that Brendan Brazier is in (vegan athlete extraordinaire! Came in 2nd in 2002.) Mon sprints @ track, Tue 3.5hr ride, etc, etc..

More vegan info to be posted soon!!

(Entry title is a Les Claypool and the Frog Brigade song. =)


At Monday, June 20, 2005 9:05:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is your fastest time up the observatory?

At Monday, June 20, 2005 10:14:00 AM, Blogger Dave Shishkoff said...

Heya - my fastest time is around 7min20sec, but i haven't actually gone for a 'best time'.

I've only gone up doing MT (muscle tension) excercises, where i ride a big gear in a low cadence (~50rpm), and i try not to hit my cardio too hard...so obviously i could go up faster. (ie, i aim for 160-175bpm, but i know i can maintain over 185 on hill climbs.)

How much faster i'm not sure. I'd guess maybe down around 6:30.. Total guess tho.

How about you? =)

At Tuesday, June 21, 2005 9:09:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That seems like a pretty good time. I'm not sure what my best is. I'm just trying to get a feel for what kind of times other people post.

At Friday, June 24, 2005 11:21:00 PM, Blogger Dave Shishkoff said...

Heya, not sure if you're still checking this, but i found the page listing the top times for some local hill climbs:


Turns out the record for the Observatory is 5:11 - wowwee.. It was done in 5:17 last year.


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