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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Vegan Runner Destroys Record -- Article


As you know, i'm not much of a fan of running, but this dude is pretty impressive...winning a 100 mile trail race (7th in a row for him), then two weeks later winning a 135 mile road ultra marathon in an hour less than the previous record...and he's vegan.

From the article:
Other runners said Jurek's feat is even more impressive because it shows his body is operating at a level other athletes can only dream of achieving.

Dan Moores, owner of Auburn Running Company, said Jurek's vegan diet, in which he eats only organic food without any animal products, may have something do with his incredible endurance, but his genetics are likely adding to success.


Moores said Jurek is also very in tune with his physique. As a physical therapist, he knows his limits. Plus, he's focused his whole lifestyle around running and trains extensively.
The last point there is sorta moot....is Jurek the only runner who focuses his whole lifestyle and training on running?

Anyway, good work Scott!


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