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Monday, August 08, 2005

Buh Baaah, This Is The Sound Of Settling -- Log

Round and round they go...where they stop...who wants to know?

Been riding tons still (over 550km last week), tho i gotta back off, i'm feeling a little burnt-out. Resting pulse in the morning is waaay too high, so will be backing off a bit a little until it subsides..

The last few days have looked something like:
Wed - rest day!

Thu - races at the track....was still hurting from the TT, esp. lungs! The scratch race didn't go very well, and i didn't race very smart, chasing down attacks too many times, and had nothing for the final lap...watched everyone go ahead of me. =)

The Points race went much better tho, i got points in almost every sprint, and finished one point behind Smitz, which gave me 4th. I raced this much better, and didn't try to pull when i was trying to recover, and kept my wits about me. Jumped in one good attack/break, and we held it for a sprint. The pack caught us after that tho. Sarah raced really well tonite, it's gotta be hard and frustrating racing with guys all the time. I wish there were more women to balance things out.

Fri - noodled to the track in the evening, logged an easy 50km for the day.

Sat - nice, long steady 120km/4hr+ ride with Sarah and Kevin. Up and over the Malahat, over to Shawnigan again, and out a ways. Kevin continued north to Nanaimo, and Sarah and i rode back in.

You know, i really like hills. I feel like i could ride up hills forever. Very strange, especially coming from a trackie. Tho, everyone at the track is calling me a roadie now. Mebbe it's a sign?

Sun - i forced myself to do my first recovery ride!! I started with the BSide group, who kept things nice and easy, and i turned off after 45mins, and rode another hour back into town. Kept my HR below 130bpm...harder than it seems...

It was really nice tho, several guys asked me to stick with the group, but i *really* needed to take it easy...my resting pulse that morning was waaay too high. I can feel i'm not recovering entirely, so gotta back off.

Mon - sprints at the track, it was a slower night, so no PB's. My times are consistant tho. Did a 200m and 500m. Felt really good on the 500m for some reason, usually the legs feel deadish in the final corner, but i was flying.. I went down to a 46x14 tho, so maybe it was the spin. ;)

Also, picked-up that 46 tooth front and 17 tooth rear cog tonite from Andre..suddenly i have a bunch of cogs and cassettes.. 46-48 and 14-17. That'll let me ride an 73-93 now..lots to work with.
Doing another TT tomorrow...eeep...!! Kinda weird, now that i have a time to beat.

Will likely do a light ride on Wed, race at the track on Thu (short races, thank Jeebus!!) Maybe noodle to the track again Fri, and hopefully a log ride on Sat...then recovery again Sun.

Provincials are the 19th-21st...not certain if i will enter... It'll be $110 for me ($60 plus $50 day license to race.) That's a little steep...like a new pair of shoes or shorts...both of which i could really use. Still, it would probably be smart to do, especially if i get some results..will look a lot more impressive on my racing resume. Decisions.... (On top of that, do i do the Kilo, or Individual Pursuit? Neither are particularly strong for me...)

Keep on truckin'!

(Entry title is a Death Cab for Cutie song.)


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