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Thursday, August 25, 2005

No Soup Fo You!! -- log

Oh Billy.... Just had them most brutal. race. evar.

First up tonite was a scratch race, nothing fancy, at the final sprint i felt like i was spinning out for some reason, legs a little sluggish, came in 4th or 5th...

The other race was a nice 54 lap Points race..my favorite! =)

The first bell was about to ring, and i thought i'd have some fun, so i went up high in the banking, and sprinted around, and went for the gold! A few others caught me at the line, no prob, i still got points.

Then Chunky Calves looks back at Kirby and says 'let's go'.

Oh. Shit.

Of course, i just sprinted long, and had nothing else in the tank for the moment... (I'd also done a fairly hard ride yesterday, plus all the racing on the weekend)....i was just not ready for a counter-attack..... Bart wheeled by me, and he managed to catch them. I just watched them slowly getting away.

I decided then that i simply would not let them lap me, so i gritted my teeth, and put 'er in high gear.

And i did this for about 30 laps. Yes, 30.

I figured i missed the Time Trial on Tuesday, so i'd make it up tonite...

Over those 30 laps, they started off about half a lap ahead of me, and i slowly brought that down...then during a sprint, and they started to get disturbingly close..me no likey!!!

I finally looked behind me, and i saw that there were about five other B's sitting on my wheel. (This was a mixed race, A's and B's in the same race.) I saw that sometimes the lead group would have a B in their group (four of them...as i'm huffing away solo), so i decided to let these guys do some work for me...

I let them by, and sat on for a round.. Got back at the front, and picked-up the pace a good bit. I felt a lot stronger after a short rest (now able to maintain over 45kph vs 41kph) and we started to close the gap on the front pack!

Now, you might ask, why did i pull for so long? I figure some of these guys were on my wheel a good 10-20 laps.... Technically, in a Points race, lapped riders cannot work for you... But since the group ahead of me was doing it, i finally let up and let them do some of the work.

It was great - i was cheering them on, pushing them, telling them to go harder -- and they did!! I make a good slave driver..heh..

Come the final bell, we were perhaps 5 bike lengths behind the leaders, and that was the race!!

Had there been another six laps, i would have easily caught those guys...... For me, this is a glorious result! Not only did i not allow them (3 A riders with a 1/2 lap lead) to lap me, but i nearly caught them!

It's funny how my training has paid off... Due to all the miles (and not much Sprint training), i got dropped fairly easily at the beginning...but over time, i could outride 3 other riders. Not too shabby. =)

Of course, my legs are now fried. It's like there are little fires in my legs...ouchey.. I dunno what kinda ride i'll do tomorrow...maybe an RR would be appropriate!

On Wed i went for a 2.5hr EM ride, actually took Tuesday off (first day in over two weeks), and Monday noodled out to the track to help with timing.

Gonna do some type of ride tomorrow, then a couple group rides on the weekend, should be good!

Keep on rollin'!


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