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Monday, December 14, 2009

Catching Up on Links, Stories, Etc..


Kinda weird weather, there's a snowfall warning for Vancouver Island, but here in Victoria, it's up around 6 Celsius...stepping outside for a minute, it's actually feeling a bit warm! Rainy and windy as well. Sure beats snow!

Rest day for me today, planned to climb, but my climbing partner Kelly got called into work.  Might switch my days around and go climbing tomorrow..if not, planning to hit the trails with Lysanne - her first time out, should be a blast. Wed planning to MTB with Alyssa as well - yip! Tomorrow night is also the party for the VCX crew, should be fun!

So, this entry is to post a bunch of links and stories i've come across the last few weeks, but haven't had a chance to update my blog about.. Let's see if i can organize these somewhat...

Other Victoria Riders Who Blog About Riding, Etc..

Andrew McCartney:
Nice guy and super-talented athlete, despite all the running and swimming, hope to see him out on the OBB rides again soon. ;)

Mical Dyck:
One of Canada's top MTB riders, and all-around swell person and new Island resident!

Regan Pringle:

We've raced a few times, but have yet to get out on a ride together! Thanks again for the green bar tape tho! =)

Halldor Gunnarrson
We've mountain biked, raced, and sprinted - let's get you out on the trails more this winter!

Fergus Lavelle:
I don't know Fergus very well, but he friended me on Twitface, and we've raced all season in 'cross. Will likely see him on the road more in 2010, see ya out there buddy!

Joele's Guynup:
Haven't really chatted with Joele much, but she's one of Vic's most talented and successful MTB and CX racers.

Tom Skinner:
One of the weirder riders i know. ;)

Jenny Skinner
Sister of Tom, she would harass me at Oak Bay Bikes. Now sorely missed at the shop! And no, silk isn't vegan either because it comes from worms!

Dan Skinner:
Brother of Jenny, and perhaps one of the most prolific cycling bloggers in Victoria, i've known Dan for a few years now, and he's a really swell guy, always a pleasure to have around! Have a great 2010, and update your blog! ;)

Jamie Sparling:
Very talented and entertaining...currently away from the Island, but he always seems to return. Cool tunes and mixes on his site.

Gillian Carleton:
It got off to a good start...let us know what you're up to! Only a year to catch up on! ;)

Wendy Simms:
Another slightly neglected blog from the world's most awesome cyclocross racer, and now mom. =)

Not From Victoria, But Another Vegan Cycling Blog, John Scales
http://looksurly.blogspot.com/ (aka @looksurly on Twitter as well)
We've been exchanging messages on Twitter, cool guy, fellow OA rider in the US.

Vegan Stuff
I'll Have My Lobster Electrocuted, Please
This is a bizarre piece...and is yet another example of why i detest PETA (People for the Ethical[sic] Treatment of Animals). They're actually instructing people on ways to murder other animals, and selling the machines to do it. Who needs advocates like that?? PETA is a scam, straight up.

Vegan Paradigm
PDF Excerpt from the latest issue of The Vegan from The Vegan Society by Lee Hall: a case for vegan optimism!

World Watch Report: Livestock and Climate Change
A must-read, World Watch has researched the UN's FAO numbers from the 'Livestock's Long Shadow' report, and concluded that that they're way off..and that instead of 18% of all greenhouse emissions coming from livestock, it's actually over 50%. (From the numbers in the report, as a comparison, all transportation in the world would be less than 6% of all global emissions.. So a hummer full of vegetables is significantly better for the environment than riding a bike to McDonald's. Scary, and it's really time people started changing their diets.

Cargill "Cheese"
Kinda weird posting a media release from this company, but they've apparently developed a cheese substitute that is nearly identical to dairy in taste and texture, but entirely plant-based...i'll take it!

Eating less meat helps the planet – and your heart
"If the UK ate 30% less meat, 18,000 fewer people would die prematurely from heart attacks annually" - yet they say they're not telling people to go vegetarian...wouldn't want to reduce health care and improve the environment *that* much...
Biking Stuff
29er Prototype Downhill
I was sceptical when i saw the title on Twitter, but once i saw the video, i saw how this could be a pretty sweet thing...

Video: BC Cross Championships
Cool vid of the Elite and Women, i got cut out tho! BicycleRadio.com seems like a cool site too.

Ready to Exercise? Check Your Watch
Interesting story, discussing how people seem to be able to train better at different times of the day.. I'm definitely a later rider!

Walking, biking good for you and the planet: Study
Pedestrians and cyclists should be made king of the urban jungle, according to an international study showing the big benefits of “mass active travel.”

It suggests money should be diverted way from roads to make walking and cycling “the most direct, convenient, and pleasant options for most urban trips.” Pedestrians and bikers should also get “priority” over cars and trucks at intersections.

Boo Cycles Bamboo CX Frame
Another company doing bamboo bike frames!

Graeme Obree dumps hour record plans
"Oh well, nobody died." - Sobering quote from the Flying Scotsman...check out the film if you haven't.

Canadian's go to Cali, Columbia for a World Cup, Video:
Cool vid before they left, our riders did AMAZING, with Tara, Laura and Steph winning GOLD in the Women's Team Pursuit (which is now an Olympic event!!) They also set a new Canadian record. Tara also won two Silver's, in the Individual Pursuit (Sarah Hammer won), and Points Race. Other riders did spectacularly well, and this was an extremely successful event for Canada! Full story and summary here on Canadian Cyclist. CC is also now on Twitter! Be sure to follow @cdncyclist.

Also, while i'm thinking of it, be sure to write Colwood Mayor Dave Saunders, perhaps the world's most shining example of supportive cycling hypocrisy and empty promises, and the rest of the West Shore Parks and Recreation Society, for their decision to lock cyclists out of the velodrome here since Aug, 2008. Thanks to their efforts, riders have been leaving the island. Who knows how many more medals might have had to come to Canada were more riders exposed to track racing? We don't want to strain the metal detectors in Customs after all.

Thank you, Mayor Saunders. You're a real class act...and you can't have 'class' without an 'ass'. Thanks for being there for the cycling community. After the track, and the Times Colonist Cycling Festival, i can't wait to see what event you help to take down next.


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