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Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Week Ended On Ice

A chill has set into the Island..even a light sprinkling of snow today! Still, i'm getting out for adventures!

Monday, was a rest day (planned to go climbing, but belaying partner bailed on me!) Carrying on:

Tuesday - Ride w/Chad

Lovely day, Chad sent me a note through Facebook asking if i wanted to go for a spin - perfect! Haven't had a chance to chat much, he's been away travelling a good deal, but we used to race on the track. Nice to catch up! Here's the deets:
Entire workout (203 watts):
    Duration:      2:10:08 (2:14:24)
    Work:          1575 kJ
    TSS:           153.2 (intensity factor 0.844)
    Norm Power:    219
    VI:            1.08
    Distance:      60.95 km
                       Min    Max    Avg
    Power:           0    791    203     watts
    Heart Rate:      68    177    155     bpm
    Cadence:         35    124    93     rpm
    Speed:           3.7    57.2    28.3     kph
Nothing too crazy there.

Wednesday - Climb w/Kelly

Back on the wall! Didn't do anything too spectacular, worked on the 5.9+, and tried out a few of the 10a's. Fingers were fried tho. The purple 5.9 kicked my butt at the end of the session! At the gym for ~2.5hrs. Oh yeah, toes were sore! Funny how i have to rebuild my toe strength..

Thursday - Power Hour on the bike

Had trouble motivating myself to get out..legs still a bit tired from Tue, as well as Wed! (Guess i'm weighting my legs in a way different than happens on the bike!) It was late in the afternoon, but i thought i've give my Power Hour route another go. (Went back in October.) Felt good once i got going. The 1hr brief:

1hr Power Hour: 822kJ burned, TSS 84.4, NP 239w, AP 228w, Spd/Dis 31.1km, ~2C

As a reference from Oct:

1hr Power Hour: 805kJ burned, TSS 80.7, NP 234w, AP 224w, Spd/Dis 31.3km, ~12C

Rode the same bike (my winter bike w/fenders), surprised the cold didn't slow me down more....i think i went a bit harder on the hills this time tho. Anyway, full numbers from the whole ride:
 Entire workout (210 watts):
    Duration:      1:11:39 (1:14:14)
    Work:          897 kJ
    TSS:           94.5 (intensity factor 0.894)
    Norm Power:    232
    VI:            1.1
    Distance:      34.88 km
                        Min    Max    Avg
    Power:           0    960    210     watts
    Heart Rate:      63    185    164     bpm
    Cadence:         36    118    94     rpm
    Speed:           3.7    57.8    29.4     kph
Pretty quality hour.

Friday - Climb w/Kelly

Very happy with this session! Cleaned my first THREE 10a's since getting back! One was a climb i hadn't tried yet, and the other two were ones i toyed on (and kicked my butt) on Wed. Pleased with my progress. I've been climbing in my older Anastazi shoes (from FiveTen), i've been worried about wearing down my good shoes, my Jet7's. Rule is: once i clean all the 10a's at the gym, i can wear my good shoes! There's two remaining...

I love how my form is pretty solid, and how quickly my fingers are re-adapting! Pretty neat.

Saturday - OBB Ride

Started off pretty mellow, got to Sidney and we hadn't really been going hard at all...

There's the group! Still surprised with the turnout we're getting.

A bearded Shish. ;)

We carried on, i think some people went elsewhere, as there were only about half the number in our group as we hit Land's End. Ride remained civilized, although i thought i'd make Peter Lawless suffer a bit, and on the descent behind the airport, i ensured we hit at least 56kph. (Peter's been riding his fixie, and told me earlier he's spinning out around 53kph..muahahaha..) He hung on!

Things remained chill up Panorama, Peter set the pace on the front. I lead the descent, and onto Daffodil Road (the north end of Wallace Dr) Ryan and Craig got on the front of the pack, and duelled the whole stretch!! They were freaking gunning it, and it was all i could do to hang on.... We hit an intersection, and the group had been pruned a fair bit!

We carried on, although not quite at such a firm pace...along the south end of Wallace Scotty, Craig, Steve and Ryan rotated at the front, i kept out of the loop but right behind, and no one else in the group seemed to be interested in getting ahead of me and joining in....so we all kept in a paceline otherwise..

The Four Horsemen carried on at the top up past Hartland Rd, and did not relent. As we're heading up past the Observatory, i take a moment to glance back, and Dave MacLeod is the only rider remaining! EEEP!

I know i'm good to go so long as i can make it up and over the hill... Luckily the pace wasn't too high, and i manage to cling to the back of the group... I hadn't done any work for a while, and decided there that i wouldn't fight for a spot in the sprint, but give them a lead-out.

The pace quickens as we hit Interurban, but being flat, i'm in no prob, and take a long, hard pull by Camosun. We get to the corner and hills, and as we approach the hill i get to the front and power away...pulling the group to the bottom of the sprint hill.  Everyone shoots off past me, didn't really get to see who was at the front, but i *think* it might have been Ryan, or Craig...

Next sprint is the King of the Overpass (Switch Bridge), and these guys have gotten it in their heads to try and block me, so Scotty and Craig try and pinch me off, but i'm not having any of it and shoulder by Craig - bumped him harder than i'd planned, but got by and claimed my title once again. ;)

Everyone else turned off until it was Craig and i through downtown and we did the water. Great finish to the ride. Happy i was able to hang in there, and finished strong. =)

The numbers:

 Entire workout (175 watts):
    Duration:      3:15:19 (3:29:59)
    Work:          2035 kJ
    TSS:           235.7 (intensity factor 0.854)
    Norm Power:    222
    VI:            1.27
    Distance:      98.807 km
                       Min    Max    Avg
    Power:           0    1081    175     watts
    Heart Rate:      72    187    148     bpm
    Cadence:         29    124    90     rpm
    Speed:           3.8    60.7    30.5     kph
Note another big TSS...235..owwie.

Sunday - Snowy MTB w/Steve

Tried to get another big group out like last week, but everyone's wussing out! Met Steve at the Switch Bridge at 10:15, and headed out. There was a light dusting of snow in some spots, and was calling for rain, so i dressed in my most waterproof gear, and my plan wasn't even to make it out to the Dump..but at least i'd get some time on the bike.

We ended up hitting a bunch of little side trails, and exploring a few places (Logan's Park). We were most surprised to find ICE! First, this big pond near Camosun was frozen over, we found a couple guys using it as a runway for their model planes, took a few pics:

Pretty wild! I'm not used to doing this around here!

We kept on riding, it was pretty fun exploring a few areas. We eventually started heading back in, and found another frozen section, more people had been on it:

Steve was enjoying his 180's, until there was a really loud rumbling.....at first i thought it was Steve's brakes making some weird, deep squeal, but it was the ice rumbling/cracking. YIKES!

We got off that section quick!!!

We continued down the Colquitz/Centennial trail into town, and saw across the field a swept section and people skating!! We had to check it out:

Further across even more people:

We zipped around some more, Steve doing his 180's at top speed, pretty funny! I was a little more timid, i don't like the idea of falling on ice...but it's pretty neat to be able to ride this. It can all melt away now. =)

Fun day! I don't know what i'm gonna do when Steve and Chelsea take off for New Zealand at the end of the month, everyone else is wimping out!

Anyways, here's the numbers from the day:

 Entire workout (165 watts):
    Duration:      2:15:08 (2:43:30)
    Work:          1334 kJ
    TSS:           152.4 (intensity factor 0.823)
    Norm Power:    214
    VI:            1.3
    Distance:      42.496 km
        Min    Max    Avg
    Power:           0    843    165     watts
    Heart Rate:      75    173    139     bpm
    Cadence:         30    206    86     rpm
    Speed:           3.9    54.8    19.1     kph
Took it easy for the most part. =)

The rest of RideCam25 can be found here...smaller collection.

That's the week, nothing too exciting planned for next week, climb a few days, ride the rest!

Stay warm out there!


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