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Monday, June 19, 2006

Frame Goes Crunky-Crack! Now Need New! -- Log

So the last few days my frame has been making a weird crunky noise...bottom bracket has been feeling pretty rough (over 5yrs, never opened!), so figured that was it.

Replaced it. ($65)

Crunky noise still there.

Sunday ride, i'm noticing that as i pedal, the BB swings back and forth....that's odd. I don't think i'm THAT strong!

Ride for 2hrs, frame is getting more shifty...i take it easy for the 30mins ride home, feeling nervous.

Get home, inspect BB...everything is fine. Bike still making noise tho, and BB swinging even more wildly..

Look up the downtube and discover the problem....the tube has cracked and is nearly sheared off! I've got but a few MM of of steel holding the thing together!! (That could have been a nasty crash....)

Very odd - the steel just peeling up....
the crack goes all the way along across the bottom of the tube.

The other side looks much the same.

There's the last bit holding the downtube to the headtube...

That's my pinky...

I guess i'm now in the market for a new frame! (Swap components over..)

So, Universe, here's what i'm hoping to score:

* new or used carbon frame w/fork, BB and seatpost
* $500-800 range
* 54-56cm, prefer shorter top tube
* prefer Victoria, or BC...will ship if a great deal

Will settle for aluminium or Ti, tho i'd really prefer to ride something carbon...

Anything out there Universe?

I'll be stopping in some of the bike shops today... Not looking for anything too fancy - this will be my 'winter' bike, and will be getting a brand spankin' new machine come spring. =)


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