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Friday, May 05, 2006

Big Gear Fever -- Log

Oh boy, lot's of stuff to post about! First, gear!

Spent a few hours today replacing my drivetrain (39T chainring, cassette (12-23) and chain), the old one was really beat - the front chainring's teeth were so worn they were *sharp*!!

Last week i got my right shifter repaired/rebuilt (Campy Veloce, 9sp) - it had been slowly dying...it was at the point where the shifter didn't 'spring back' after changing gears, and often it wouldn't catch, and so wouldn't shift gears....was getting very difficult..now it's AWESOME, and it clicks again! Yay Campy!!

Also, swapped my tires around front to back - i got the Conti UltraSports (steel bead, kevlar enhanced) back in Jan, and they've held up amazingly! The tread is barely worn, and i've had like three flats all this time.

My buddy Chris has sent me a pair of RudyProject Ekynox, and they're great! The optics are fantastic, no distortion and the 'racing red' lenses work amazing well in all light conditions, hopefully he can find the blue's as well. ;)

Also, last week, the Ultegra SPD-SL pedals arrived, holy crap these things are *awesome*. I've been riding the old SPD system for years, and they get rather jiggly rather quickly...so it's so nice to be *tightly* locked in...plus the wider platform really does make a difference, the pedal stroke feels so much more solid..wowwee..

My OrganicAthlete order arrived today too, and i now have the best shorts in the world, which say GO VEGAN on the back - wicked!! I also ordered a vest, and it is totally skookum - nice design and materials...and the new jersey looks sharp, expect pics soon!

Final note of interest gear-wise is that i'm sponsored by Performance Bicycles (website coming soon!) - thanks Pam and Wayne! Looking forward to the Profile T2+ aero bars - woot! Oh, found my MuVo too, yay! It was, of course, "where i left it", but it was an unusual pocket for me to use.....oy vey... Glad to have my other riding buddy back at least!

Been riding and racing a fair bit too, here's what's been happening:
* Sat (Apr 15) - you've been wondering, and now you know: took the day off!

* Sun - holy crap i suffered! Went out with the BSide group, and we did Sooke...which was nice, but there was this dude in it who seemed hellbent on riding the hills like they were flat....and i got totally smashed..! I guess i'm a 'real' trackie, now that i can't climb worth shit..haha

Went so hard, i hit a new high on my HRM: 202bpm, a full three poundings higher than i've ever hit..yikes. Worst moment was flailing up a steep, short climb in waaay too big of a gear and trying to maintain it.....redlined completely, then esploded. My HR was waaay up, yet i was putting out almost no power...very sad.. Recovered after a while, and rode back into town solo. Won't be likely be doing another BSide ride this summer....that was not good for my training.

* Mon - sprints @ the track, was *dead*, got a pitiful 14"19 in the 200m, and got dropped by Jim in the sprints after leading out too long....gotta remember to race smarter.

* Tue - rest day!

* Wed - rode out to the Newton Heights course, but wasn't feeling a little off, so just watched.

* Thu - first Points race of the year, although the score keeper was fracked and put me in 7th out of 7 riders -- i was in on five of the eight sprints, including crossing the finish line in 3rd. I won't complain about the scoring any further..gaah.. It was nice to feel strong in the race, and even compete with everyone. I think this time last year i got lapped and was dying...haha

* Fri - rest day!

* Sat (Apr 22) - solo 3hr EM ride, averaged just under 31kph, not too shabby.

* Sun - 1hr EM

* Mon - Pursuits @ Track, was planning on doing a 4km, but the counter got screwed up and only did 3km, but got a 4:24, a couple seconds faster than my previous 3km PB (although i was really winding up for the 4km.) Did a second attempt at the 4km, but only got a 6:01 - i think i took it too easy...most of the ride was around 40kph, then 41 for the 3rd and 2nd last laps, then got it up to 43kph for the final lap...that's not right!!

Also, worth noting is i'm using the "Xero" aero bars (fully integrated beasty thing, anyone ever heard of these?? Can't find anything on them on the web..) that have been kicking around the Club House for the last few years...sent a note to our membership to see if they belong to anyone, but no response, so i'll try 'em out for the summer!

* Tue - rest was the plan, and what i did!

* Wed - 45m RR, noodled up to Performance Bikes to pick up some of the stuff i ordered, fun fun!

* Thu - Keirin night at the track, got 4th in both efforts, not too bad against the local sprinters!

* Fri - i'm doing quite well with these rest days!! Yay me!

* Sat (Apr 29) - 2hr EM w/Kevin, nice rainy morning..bleh..

* Sun - 3hr EM w/4xOU intervals, went out to the track and did the four 10min intervals on the track bike in the aero bars, i think i've found a good position, maintaining a good, strong speed...!

* Mon - return of the Sprints @ the track, reeled in a 13"88 in the 200m (glad to keep it under 14!) and beat Peter in the matched sprint.. He stayed low while i stayed high, and that gave me a couple bike lengths advantage when the sprint began....too much for him to overcome.

* Tue - rest, beautiful rest

* Wed - 1.5hr EM, nice day!

* Thu - race @ track, even nicer day, no knee warmers!!! Two races, 36 Lap Scratch, and 10 Lap Snowball. Started the scratch mixed with the B's, who ended after 12 (short night for them), then the five A's continued...

In the final laps Vinko attacked a couple times, the first time i held on, the second he started pulling away, and Captain Chris was with me, but didn't seem too hot to pursue...when i pulled up after half a lap, he barely sustained the pace, so i started doing full lap pulls, and got us considerably closer...while he just sat in..and with a lap to go he was close enough to bridge, but i didn't have any juice to jump again, so came in third.

Snowball was fun, in the final few laps it was just Vinko and me, but he beat me to the line each time...it was the same thing each lap: after the sprint he'd fall on my wheel, and i'd pull him most of the lap then he'd sprint ahead at the line, and get on my wheel again...i just kept it going for the workout. If there had been more laps i might have been able to take him for a sprint, i could tell he was getting tired...if only... ;)

Finished third in that race as well, since Wayne snagged some points at the beginning. It was just Vinko and me at the end tho...good times!
That's all for now, hopefully my aero bars arrive in time for the Sydney TT on Tuesday, woot! Looking forward to that event!! Any bets on my time for my first effort? ;)

Cheers, big gears! =)


At Sunday, May 07, 2006 8:27:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm betting... 28 mins for the TT

At Monday, May 08, 2006 9:24:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmmm....i say...47 mins

At Thursday, May 11, 2006 10:36:00 AM, Blogger KariDyan said...

hey great sprouting cyclist...question for you. my sprouts have turned out great, i'd like to try alfalfa seed sprouts. ever tried that? i did mung beans and they are great!

At Monday, May 15, 2006 4:10:00 PM, Blogger Dave Shishkoff said...

Yep, alfalfa are great - just make sure you rinse the whole lot in water after sprouting, gotta get the husks off (they're not good for you.)


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