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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Race 2 Replace - funny

So there's this new 'race 2 replace' show which is apparently the 'search for Lance's replacement'... Not sure what it's really all about, but there are a bunch of videos, some of them pretty funny, on the site (or here via iTunes.) Especially neat is the 8min video. Hope to see this pan out, would be awesome to have more biking on TV!

In other news, the NY Times featured a story on the myth about lactic acid..says pretty much the same thing i did in my article (see top/intro blurb.)

I also came across this page on the history of rollers, pretty cool what they've used in the past.

Final note, this site has some neat cycling cartoons.

I'm pretty excited, got TrackFest coming up pretty quickly this weekend - weeee!


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