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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Oatmeal + Blueberries + Bananas = YUM! -- log

mmmm...oatmeal with bananas and blueberries..good stuff. (Guess what i'm eating right now!)

I came across a neat article that has '18 Tricks to Teach Your Body' - tips like how to overcome the urge to pee...tho i don't know if this would work for women..?

Looking forward to trying the 'clear a stuffy nose' trick on the next ride i get a runny nose on (see previous blog entry on why we get runny noses on rides!!)

OrganicAthlete has sent out the design for the 2006 gear, here's the jersey and shorts. I absolutely love the shorts, with the 'GO VEGAN!' on the back! I'll never take 'em off! (Ew.)

Greg Descantes has posted pics from the Burnaby event on his site, but there were none with me! Post a note if you know of any other sites with pics from the Nov 12-13 race.

Training has been alright, tho i'm finding the cold to be *very* draining. In the summer i was out doing 2-3hr rides six days a week, including racing 2-3 nights, but my five day training schedule, with most rides being under 2hrs is sucking the life out of me..!! I'm pretty sure it's not the training itself, but the cold. I'm guessing it takes a lot more energy to keep warm, and so it's just that much more draining..

I've managed to figure out how to keep my feet moderately warm, here's the process:

feet -> CoolMax socks -> fleece socks -> shoes -> Pearl Izumi booties -> MEC 'Rain Boots'

You may recall me getting new Specialized shoes a few months ago, i still *love* them. Very comfortable and stiff, i still feel like they're a little extra efficient in transfering power...

The PI booties are really tight-fitting, and supposed to be waterproof, tho they're not..nice fleecy interior tho. The MEC 'Rain Boots' are basically looser (not loser!) booties made of vinyl, which are completely waterproof (and cut out all the wind.)

I can go three hours in our lovely just-above-zero climate and have cool, but not cold toes. (Which are tied to your nose.)

I've decided i'm gonna chop down my training schedule a bit..do a few less excercises while out (ie, i did two sets of Descending Intervals instead of three), and i won't feel bad if i cut the ride a little short..and i'll also make sure i make it to the gym, make that more of a priority. It's stupid to risk burning out in December. =P

Right now my focus is on a race in Jan, then i'll take it easy for a little bit, then start up the schedule and aim for the Track Provincials in June. Come April it should be nice enough again to go 100% and not be suffering from the cold.

Here's what we'll find if we crack open the Training Log:
Sat (Nov 25) - 2hr EM w/Kevin, first ride w/no HRM

Sun - 2.5hr EM, went out with the BSide group. Over by Conroy there was some black ice, and tho i recovered from a skidded tire, four other guys went down....not great. They were okay, but it still sucks a lot of life out of the ride.

Initiated the sprint once more at the Airport, i think i did a good job! Shout out to racer and reader Lisa Sweeny, nice chatting with ya! =)

Was only supposed to do 2.5hrs, but was out for 3 - it was actually really nice to log a solid 90kms, haven't quite hit that mark in a few months i think..!

Mon - Rest day! Did some chest and shoulders at home.. I'm hoping to be able to bench my bodyweight (150lbs) by Jan 1st...i haven't been putting too much effort into this tho, so it'll be unlikely.... (My upperbody is rather weak..tho getting stronger.)

Tue - 1.5hr EM w/2x DI's (75/60/45/30 second Descending Intervals), they went well! I rather enjoy DI's...well, compared to other intervals..hehe
Will be hitting the gym tonite, now that my oatmeal is digested! Will do the typical Tues routine; legs, abs, bi's and tri's.

Still no change on the MuVo, i'll try and mix it up next time! Still enjoying what i've got!! =)


At Wednesday, November 30, 2005 1:31:00 PM, Blogger Jill Homer said...

Wow! Tough training schedule! Good thing you're on superfoods.

At Wednesday, November 30, 2005 11:30:00 PM, Blogger Dave Shishkoff said...

Hey Jill - thanks! Is it really a tough schedule..? I dunno.. Would be fine in the summer, kinda draining in the cold!

I checked out your blog, very cool! Biking in the snow was fun for me, i lived in a few snowy places, tho nothing like Alaska. (Hey, you're actually north of me!)

How are you finding it?


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