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Friday, November 25, 2005

Fast On Bike, Slow On Blog -- Log

The title says it all! =)

It's been an interesting few weeks.. Finally settled into my new home, routines are becoming normalized, settling into new patterns, etc..

This week has been a bit sluggish, busy with work, and my Heart Rate Monitor has been giving me grief - i've replaced both batteries, but for some reason it's not keeping my HR, it just blanks out...very annoying... I'll be taking it in tonite, where they'll send it to Norco for warrenty..but that means i'm out my HRM for a few weeks...and it's critical for my training..bleh..

Also, on the left is a pic i stumbled on today, it was last Dec, we went for a hike out at Sombrio, and everyone wanted to cross a river...so we all took off our shoes and rolled-up our pants and shocked our bodies with this 'freshness'. ;)

Also came across a neat article that discusses how cold feet can weaken your immune system, and make you more succeptable to colds.. Same with your nose. So keep your feet warm on rides! (And hikes!)

Getting back into a gym routine has been nice, especially working on my upper-body again! Oddly, i haven't really lost too much strength, and i'm just about back to the weight and reps i was doing last spring..!

I've also noticed that my hams are stronger than my quads...using the leg extension machine vs leg curls... Anyone know if this is normal for cyclists? Talking to other folks at the gym, their quads are always stronger.. Am i in the wrong sport? What uses hamstrings? hehe

I figure it's pretty unlikely i'll be attending the December event in Burnaby, it's quite unlikely i can get away for a full week...so i'm now focusing on the event in January, and i've moved back on my training schedule for this...woot! So i'll be repeating what i did for the last few weeks...ahh well!

The Ethics Buying Collective (local, organic and vegan!) is on the next order cycle, check it out if you're in Victoria!

Here's what i've been up to:
Mon (Nov 14th) - just got back from Burnaby, rested!!

Tue - 1.5hr RR, i actually didn't let my HR get over 136bpm...harder than it sounds!

Also worked out at the Oak Bay rec centre, legs, abs, plus bi's and tri's.

Wed - 2hr EM, legs felt tired from WO, yucky day, didn't come across anyone else on the road..was also very foggy.

Thu - started on the rollers, was supposed to do intervals, but HRM wasn't registering..got frustrated..cleaned up the garage instead (needed to be done and is now much more tidy, weight bench is set up and organized, room for bikes, and tools are now handy with a workspace!

OB WO in the evening, legs and abs of course, plus a little back.

Fri - resterrific!

Sat - 2.5hr EM w/Kevin, still foggy

Sun - 3hr EM w/45min RS, i got the RS out of the way right away...was late, so everyone was gone, pursued for almost 25 minutes..hehe It was very foggy, and so didn't even see the group until i was about to catch them!

Mon (Nov 21) - rest day!

Tue - 2hr EM, HR still fucking up

WO @ OB, pretty much the same as last Tue. How's that for routine? =)

Wed - 1.25hr EM, nothing exciting

Thu - 1.5hr EM w/5x10s HSS, just following the program lightly until i get my HRM figured out...

WO @ OB, again, same as last Thu, also did some chest and delts when i got home

Fri - that's today! Blogging piles instead logging miles. =)
Miraculously, the tunage has remained the same, check previous entry!


At Saturday, November 26, 2005 5:54:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Updated goodness! But where be the updated picture of leg goodness?

I dunno if it's true for all cyclists, but my h's are also stronger than my q's. Aren't q's and h's an agonist/antagonist pair? Might have something to do with the movement in cycling. I dunno

At Monday, November 28, 2005 4:22:00 PM, Blogger nk said...

Dave, I love the site. I'm a fellow track rider, though I've never been on a Velodrome. I'm looking forward to moving to Vancouver in May so I can use my track bike for what it was meant for!

At Tuesday, November 29, 2005 11:13:00 AM, Blogger Dave Shishkoff said...

Heya Dag - legs are an ugly, hairy, tanless mess now...tho i think they're getting bigger from the gym..!

Yeah, they work against each other, very similar to biceps and triceps.

And considering our bi's are stronger than our tri's, maybe it makes sense with our hams..

Another idea (thanks Kevin!) is that with cycling, we're using our hams for a lot of the strong (say from 5 o'clock to 12) which would make them a lot stronger than for most people...

One more consideration, tho, is that the machines aren't 'equal', and with hte leveraging, pulleys, and wheel sizes, the weights aren't actually even.

Tho, it seems that not a lot of people at the gym can do more on the leg curl than on the leg ext..we might have *stronger* hams, but not necessarily stronger than our quads...

How's that? =)

NaturalKinds - thanks for popping in!

How can you be a track rider, but not have ridden one? =P

You'll be in for a surprise in Burnaby, it's a total blast!!

Keep me posted, i'll be there in June for the Provincials, and consider coming over to Victoria some time. =)

At Saturday, December 24, 2005 7:37:00 PM, Blogger nk said...

I guess I'm just one of the many urban track-obsessed fakers.

: )

Take care!


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