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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Day for the Turkeys! -- Log

Ahhh.. Thanksgiving! We had a fantastic vegan potluck, and i am thoroughly STUFFED!! So much awesome food.. There were TWO (2!!) Tofurky's, a veggie pot pie, big gob of stuffing, mashed potatoes, mashed yams, salad, and more... Oh, dessert - we had several flavors of soy ice cream, chocolates (marzipan!), an apple crumble and of course pumpkin pie!

Well over a dozen wonderful people in our gathering, all doing their thing for turkeys, it was really sweet. (If you're not vegan, i helped design an leaflet and turkey-friendly holiday recipes, click here to find out more.)

I'm guessing i'll have lot of energy for the ride tomorrow. =)

Been an interesting week, back onto hills, so doing Observatory repeats. I actually really enjoy doing them. I must be nuts.

Anyway, Captain, here's my report:
Mon (Oct 3rd) - rest day!

Tue - fun day, it's now pretty cloudy with spurts of rain.. I managed to avoid it today. Went out, did 7 Ob repeats (~8.5mins each, so 60mins of solid Muscle Tension riding!) I got to the bottom after the 7th, and my body kept wanting to ride....! My brain wanted to head back, but i felt like riding some more...so i ended up heading away from town, and rode an extra hour, bringing it up to 3 for the day. Felt great!

Wed - rest day!

Thu - 8 Ob repeats, Kevin came along as well. It' definitely nicer doing them with someone else! Since MT excercises aren't supposed to be aerobic, it's pretty easy to talk, so makes for a good social form of training. He only did five tho, and took off after that, leaving me with three more to do. (Tried to talk him into 'one more', and i'd drop two..he's too much like a coach tho, and wouldn't let me off the hook..hehehe.. ;)

It got dark, and that was weird. It was misty the whole time, so the sides of the mountain just vanished...but then when it got dark, it was really creepy.. I saw a few deer, and was afraid of running into them... Had to whistle along with my MP3's..!! Luckily didn't encounter any cougars. I bet i'd taste good to a cougar. :
Finished the 8th, and it was fully raining by then. Oddly, as i left, there was a pack of riders in front of me (turned out to be the Thu night Russ Hayes group) - i caught them and drafted a few mins...was getting splashed, and they were going kinda slow, so i passed them and kept on my own pace. Dropped them tho.. Was glad to get home and get dry.

Fri - rest day!

Sat - 2hr EM ride with trackies. Had to keep it short, did a leafletting session, handing out the leaflets and recipes posted above at a popular grocery store. It's amazing, every year more and more people say they're vegetarian or vegan at these things. I'd say 15-20% of the people, at least...! Amazing!
I'll be doing the BSide tomorrow, and prolly try and do another ride on Monday, since people will have the day off. More Ob repeats on Tue and Thu. I should also start hitting the gym...maybe Tue or Thu night if i can get my ride in during the day. I wonder if i should limit myself to 8 repeats (~70mins) or keep increasing the amount.. Decisions decisions...

Also won't be going to Vancouver next weekend. Too many things making it not-worthwhile. Besides being really short sessions, i don't know anyone who can bring my bikes over (i don't drive), i'm really busy with work (just punched out SolarBC.org, got at least four more websites on the go, on top of my regular responsibilities), and i gotta find a house for Nov 1st.. Unfortunately there aren't too many opportunities to make myself visible to the people who make these decisions...i guess i'll just have to race well next year. =)

Those are the main riding highlights! Let's see what's going on musically:
Current Albums in the MuVo

Swapped out KM and replaced them with the new Supergrass, and tossed in some songs from Sonic Youth's new album 'Sonic Nurse'. I'm really starting to enjoy the Silver Jews album. "Time is a game only children play well, how can i love you (if you won't lay lie down?)"
* New Pornographers - Twin Cinema - 05
* Polyphonic Spree - Together We're Heavy - 04
* Serena Maneesh - ST - 05
* Silver Jews - Tanglewood Numbers - 05
* Sleater-Kinny - The Woods - 05
* Spoon - Gimme Fiction - 05
* Supergrass - Road to Rouen - 05

(These are the albums currently in my Creative MuVo, 512mb MP3 player. I just set it to 'random' and soak up the tunes on my rides.. The MuVo is the best flash-based MP3 player on the planet, btw!)


At Sunday, October 09, 2005 6:45:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I forgot about thanksgiving in Canada... sounds like a good time!

From what I've read in your blog about your racing, methinks you'll defintely make it next year ;)

...and every week I have never heard of those groups before. must explore...

At Monday, October 10, 2005 10:29:00 PM, Blogger Dave Shishkoff said...

Aye, we had a great one. =)

Naah..i've still got a fair way to go, i'll have a decent year, but i think i've got another year or two ahead of me before i really start to turn some heads...i can do it tho!

Yeah, check 'em out! Start with Polyphonic Spree and Spoon, from this list.


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