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Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer So Far - Got A Little Focus!

Fun summer of riding and racing so far! Been getting out on the MTB with a fair bit of frequency, raced all the Island Cup XC races, i figure i finished about second overall in the series for Intermediate.

Joined in on the Hurricane Ridge ride on Canada Day, plus the Sequim loop, a good 150km, 5.5hr day of riding!

More photos can be found here.

The Durian Cup MTB race series OA Vic has been organizing has been a hoot, the final race of the series is this weekend, check out the nifty trophies we made for it:

It's been a lot of fun, check out the URL for race reports, results and photos.

I've been slacking off updating this blog, but i keep my training log on VeganFitness.net pretty up-to-date, so you can check out what i've been up to here. I post a lot of my wattage outputs from intervals, etc..

Finally, i also signed up to Twitter, so if you're on there, feel free to add me, here should be some of my latest Tweets (http://twitter.com/VeganCyclist) - i'm all over the place, some are vegan-related, some cycling-related, some are just plain stupid. =)


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    My season has been pretty dysfunctional overall, without any track racing i must admit i feel a bit lost and out of place.. Almost all my training has gone into what's probably my weakest aspect, TT power. There's lots of details on my VF log, but basically i'm trying to get as comfortable as i can at 300 watts. =)

    For racing, i've got the Sidney Twilight and OBB Crit coming up on the July 25th weekend. I'm considering the Mt Washington XC race (two BC Cup events in one year!) on Aug 1st, and then do the four Sidney TT races in August which are worth VCL points (haven't done a single RR this year!) And from there: cyclocross. It's safe to say that's my biggest focus. Hopefully, with the MTB riding and TT training, my 'cross game will be pretty good. It's quite a switch of gears for me, but hopefully i'll be sitting much closer to the front of the Intermediate pack in the 'Cross on the Rock series. Fingers crossed! ;)

    Keep the rubber side down and the hairy side up! =)


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