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Friday, May 09, 2008

Off to Burnaby!

Hey there sports fans, been busy in weekly racing and training, but my season is progressing quite nicely, you can read some of my race reports here on the OA blog. Locally, finishing consistently at the top, a couple weeks ago Emile and i played the field, finishing 1st & 2nd respectively. Last night at the VCL Points Race, we couldn't keep the speedy Bob Cameron down, but at least finished 2nd & 3rd. In the league scoring, this puts us in 3rd & 5th overall in the Victoria Cycling League, and 1st & 3rd on the track - woot!

Today i'm off to Burnaby for a huge suffer-fest. I'm still a month away from being in full race mode, so this'll be a good kick in the pants. Emile and i will be racing in the Madisons, and there are 14 races in four sessions over three days...this is gonna be intense.

I'll try and get some race reports up while i'm there, more soon!


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