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Monday, November 27, 2006

When Rain Becomes Snow -- Log

So it's Sunday...i decide i'll hook up with the Burnside group for the first time in a long time (spring at least!)

It's raining 'snow' outside, but it's above zero and none of it is sticking...so i gear up for warm and dry, and head out... Yucky.. I get to the plaza where we meet, and the only guy there is a fellow by the name of Chris! We wait around 10mins, and no one shows, so head out..

It's still snowing rain...and i'm noticing as we get further from town, it's sticking on lawns more and more....and by the time we get out to the Camosun Interurban college, the grass is thoroughly white and we're now riding in slush. GAAAH!

We head up the side road by Camosun to work our way back into town.....and it's still dumping snow...visibility is less than 20 meters..i notice that it's actually building up on me, like on my legs!! We get back on a main road, and there's even more slush! And as cars go by, they're acting like snowplows, and we're hit with literally WAVES of slush. Disgusting...and the formerly warm and dry vegan is now cold and wet. Bleh.

I work my way in along Glanford and Tillicum, and get back on the Goose and head back home. At this point my gears stop working....my rear cassette i discover is now a clump of ice. That's never happened to me before!!

Downtown is remarkable...there's fully several inches of snow, and riding (at least on 23mm tires) is becoming treacherous... As i get closer to home, riding up Johnson, there's even more snow. I'm totally floored!!!! I make it home safe and sound. I take off my helmet:

From 06-11-27 - Bu...

Insane!! Of course, you don't see how much there is until you take it off and see the pile-up..

From 06-11-27 - Bu...

The new 'aero snow' design..haha..

From 06-11-27 - Bu...

My icey cassette..

Here's what it looked like after i got home, after being out for about 1hr 45mins..remember, this was all green before i left:

From 06-11-27 - Bu...
And 24hrs later:

From 06-11-27 - Bu...

This is very odd for Victoria... First, our 'snow' usually doesn't come until Jan, and even then, it's not this much. It looks like it'll stick around for a few days as well. I'll be riding the MTB tomorrow, will go out for a fun adventure around town. =)

In more homely news, i've been plugging away around the house coming up with novel ways to keep my bike gear out of the way..one is by hanging my track bike from the ceiling...it's very easy to do, and all you need is these parts from the hardware store and some string:

From 06-11-27 - Bu...

Punch both through the ceiling, tie the string between the two bits, and you get something like this:

From 06-11-27 - Bu...

Which looks like this:

From 06-11-27 - Bu...

Pretty cool huh? Doubles as a clothes hanger to dry your gear on!

From 06-11-27 - Bu...

For those who've been by, i've also tidied up my bike area a bit:

From 06-11-27 - Bu...

It's a fair bit neater, eh?

From 06-11-27 - Bu...

Also, a few weeks ago i picked up some oyster mushrooms for gravy (i *luuuurv gravy!!) and i found these huge, beautiful ones:

From 06-11-27 - Bu...

How awesome, eh??? They made for some tasty gravy.

That's my life in the last few days in pictures, what've you been up to? =)


At Tuesday, November 28, 2006 4:01:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm still commuting by bike. I found that SPDs don't work well with snow. Neither do derailleurs or brakes. And when I ride over ice I fall over.

At Sunday, December 03, 2006 6:54:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At Tuesday, December 05, 2006 11:13:00 PM, Blogger Dave Shishkoff said...

Hmm..i've been fine with SPD's in the snow..tho i can see them getting bad if it were really icy..

Yummy shrooms...got some more in the fridge right now!!


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